Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I'm not sure why, but for some reason, I'm on a blogging fail.  One of my New Year goals will be to blog more consistently.  You can chalk the absence up to Christmas gift making, errands, and house care.  It won't get any better during Christmas break, so you'll just have to wait for me to go back to sharing all our boring stories and updates.  

Christmas this year will be different for us.  We aren't flying out to New Jersey to see Steve's family like we usually do.  Instead, we'll be staying local, visiting his siblings in Cincinnati  and spending some time with my family in Indiana.  Christmas is our favorite time of year, not just because of seeing family and the break from work for Steve, but we love all that goes with Christmas -- lights, music, cookies, hot cocoa. . . Mmmmm

We started early this year on the Christmas music/movies.  I am not ashamed to admit I watched White Christmas at the end of October -- this snow from Sandy should count!  Christmas music has been listened to since the beginning of November.  By the middle of November, I had all my Christmas decorations up and the lights up outside; although, we didn't turn on our lights until after Thanksgiving!

Since we have been enjoying all our decorations, we wanted to share them, for you to enjoy, too!

(It is really hard to try to capture a picture of our Christmas lights & the house now that it gets dark so early! You will just have to trust me that our lights are way prettier than this picture.  We've even gotten several compliments on our lights!)

(What do you do with a little tree??  Put it inside an old fireplace!  I went crazy this year and made the fireplace in our room very festive.)

(Fireplace in the Living Room -- Look how nice that tv looks on the wall!  So glad we, well Scott, mounted it :-)!)

(Christmas tree in the living room.  Notice all my nutcrackers hidden throughout the pictures.  I now have 17 nutcrackers and hoping that number just keeps climbing!)

(It's really hard to tell in the previous picture, but there are bows above each of the windows.  They blend right into the wall, which makes them perfect Christmas accents.  My mom is an awesome bow maker & made these for me while visiting back in November.  Thanks mom!)

(No Christmas decorations are complete without a nativity.  I have 3 set-up throughout the house.)

(How better to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas than with 12 nutcrackers each showcasing 1 day of Christmas!  My grandma used to collect (not by choice) nutcrackers and I was given this set after she passed away.  What a great way to remember Grandma!)

(The windows in the kitchen are decorated with window clings.  Now the windowsill is full of Christmas pictures and cards, but I didn't take a new picture.  Washing dishes now is a much pretty process.)

(Even Ramses is in the Christmas spirit!)

(We've been having lots of issues with Ramses drinking bottle.  The blue one -- in previous picture-- would just drip out all the water and make his bedding all wet.  He doesn't like wet bedding -- we'd find him all the way on the opposite side of the cage hiding under the dry food dish.  So we bought a new bottle.  The wire is too small and wouldn't stay attached.  So we gave Ramses a new friend -- The Viking Nutcracker to hold up his water bottle.

 (Last but not least, I have to brag on my husband.  A few weeks ago, he came home with this beautiful winter mix.  These flowers were absolutely beautiful for almost 2 weeks!  No he wasn't in the doghouse, he just simply got them "just because"; and yes, he did score big brownie points for these flowers!)

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