Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Good & Bad of April

We're already a few days into the month of April, and it's already shaping up to be my least favorite month.

So bear with me as I try to organize and share all the happenings -- Let's start with the bad, after all, who wants to end a post on a sad note?

The Bad of April (thus far):

  • April 2nd -- My Papaw passed away after being in a nursing home for 10 years.  He was diagnosed with pnuemonia about a month ago and finally went home to be with the Lord.  We had been prepared for years for this day to come, but it is still hard to accept.  

(Mammie, me & Papa up at the lake.  I got a special weekend vising their trailer on Lake Shafer with just my grandparents and cousin.  I think I was 10 in this picture.)

  • April 5th is the 3rd anniversary of my grandma's death.  It was unexpected, but there is rejoicing in her finally having peace and being in Heaven.  Still is hard for all of us who miss her (especially my grandpa).

(Grandma & me the Christmas of my Freshman year in college)

  • With papaw's death earlier in the week, his viewing was set for April 5th.  Making a it an emotional day for both my mother and father.  On that morning, my mom was cleaning up in the kitchen putting dishes away.  She slipped on some water and twisted her ankle.  I took her to the doctor and discovered she had broken a piece of her tibia (leg bone).  Not what she had planned for the day.  After being casted, we headed to lunch with my grandpa and to visit my grandma's gravesite.  We had just enough time after that to get home, changed and to the funeral home for the viewing the rest of the evening.  

(Mom & April -- after the cast was put on but before April nearly shot her out of her chair -- ha ha.  My mom was a trooper the rest of the weekend!  She isn't on crutches and able to walk on her leg, well maybe more like hobble.  Only bad thing is it's her right leg, meaning no driving for the next month or so!)

The Good of April:

  • One of my best friends's (whose name ironically is April and the aid who helped put mom's cast on) birthday is on April 4th.  Steve was given Friday off for bereavement so we headed into Indiana on Thursday night.  I got to see my friend on her actual birthday and celebrate with her.  
  • Even though the circumstances weren't the best (although we were rejoicing in Papaw's being with the Lord), I got to see a lot of extended family I hadn't seen in awhile.  I also got to see all of my close family again which is always a plus in my book!
  • Before heading to Indiana, I had another baby appointment.  Steve wasn't able to go (which was fine since I knew this would be a quick appointment).  They just asked for an update on how I was feeling, took my vitals, and searched for the heartbeat with a little hand held device.  It took a little bit to find the heartbeat, but they had warned it would be hard this time since the baby is still small (around 3" or the size of a peach).  At first all that could be heard were my heart beat with random bleeps interrupting.  At first the nurse thought the baby was kicking, but it kept happening rhythmically so she decided it was hiccups.  She finally found the heartbeat and it registered at a solid 165 beats per minute.  We both got a clear bill of health and I was sent on my!
  • Beautiful Weather! We returned back to Lima with blooming tulips, the sun shining, and warmer weather! I totally love winter and snow, but probably love Spring even more.  It's very exciting to watch all the new buds on the tree and the promise of new life all around us.  Now to prepare for the storms (which actually falls under both the good and the bad - ha!). . . 


  1. It's Lake Shafer, not Lake Monticello.

  2. Hahahaha, I knew it didn't sound right, but spaced out. I'll fix it -- thanks!