Monday, May 27, 2013

Back Home

It's good to be home . . for now!

It seems like all of a sudden we are living out of suitcases instead of in our home.  We have a few different travel adventures planned out for the summer and a handful of them all happened to line up right after each other.

Last week was the start of the business trips.  Steve was out of the country in Prague for a week. While he was there, he was checking out equipment his company has ordered for their new project.  He was the leader and took a team with him to work out any kinks that developed.  Unfortunately, there were lots of kinks and for a few days it looked like his trip was going to be extended; however, after convincing his boss him staying there wouldn't help anything, he got to return home as planned! Yay!!

While Steve was in Prague, I headed to Indiana to visit family.  While I was there, I got to visit with a favorite teacher, spend lots of time with a close friend, and of course spent lots of time with family and my cute nieces. The highlight of my trip was going maternity clothes shopping with my mom and oldest sister.  I was way past due on getting maternity clothes, but knew it would be well worth holding off to go with mom & sister.

I had my eyes on one specific store - Motherhood. I had looked at other places online in advance, but knew this store would specifically have size long jeans that I desperately needed. The were running some pretty good deals like buy one pair of shorts get another half off; buy three shirts get 1 free; and get $30 to spend later for every $75 I spent now!  So not only did I come away with 5 tops, a pair of jeans, and 2 pairs of shorts, I have extra money to buy more at the end of the month!  On top of those great deals, I signed up my pregnancy and got a little care package with a bottle, coupons, and a $20 Shutterfly card -- all total perks and well worth the wait.  It feels so good to finally have clothes that fit right!

Now we're both back home and trying to enjoy the comforts of our own bed, freedom of our kitchen, and tackling some house projects before heading out again.  Next up is a little more business mixed with pleasures.  We're headed to our old home state of Tennessee.  Steve has to do some business in Knoxville before meeting up with great friends in Gatlinburg.  Our return trip from Tennessee is going to be longer for me than it is Steve.  We'll spend 6 hours in the car together to make it back to Ohio, just in time for me to get back in the car and head 3 hours to Indiana for a quick visit.  The next day, I'll be headed on a field trip with my favorite Mrs. B for her annual Chicago trip.

All of those hours in a car in a few days will be good practice for what comes next -- road tripping to Florida! Ha!  Okay, the road trip portion wasn't the original plan, but it ends up being cheaper since we're going with my parents.  The real vacation comes when we hit Florida - a Caribbean cruise!  This will be our last big hurrah before Baby Girl arrives.  And if you know Steve at all, staying put in one spot for too long drives him crazy.  Hopefully this cruise will tie him over for awhile until travelling with a baby becomes a real option.

We have a couple of other little trips planned in the summer but those are more spread out and in July.  For now, we're living our whirlwind of travel while I'm up for it and feeling good!

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