Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby Productivity

This past weekend turned into a very productive baby weekend!  It wasn't in the plan for the weekend, but opportunities kept popping up that turned into baby weekend.

Saturday morning we decided to go to a neighborhood that promised a big garage sale.  We kept going back and forth on going (since we should have been working on the yard and preparing for vacation) but decided it wouldn't hurt to go check it out.  When we got to the neighborhood, we realized it was quite the deal.  There were traffic directors forcing the flow of traffic to do a one way loop through the neighborhood. We would find a spot, park, walk around a little, get back in the car, drive a little, find a new spot, & repeat.  We spent way too long there, but found some good baby deals!

While we were browsing the sales, we discovered baby clothes were a popular item.  After explaining to Steve how Bean will fit certain months at certain times of the year and what clothes to look for, we were on our way.  By the end of the sales, we'd spent less than $10 and got 8 outfits -- win!  In between sales, I realized that these clothes were the first items that we've bought for baby!  My mom has been buying things (since before I knew I was pregnant) and we've had friends send gifts, too; but this was the first things that we've specifically bought knowing our baby girl would wear them.  Pretty crazy!

(Clothes for Baby Bean!  It seems unreal that she will soon be wearing these clothes - they seem so big!  We chose items ranging from newborn to 6 months.  We are excited to meet her and see whether she'll be a little baby or a big baby!)

Saturday night, we decided it was time to go through all the nursery decor options we'd found online and finally pick a set.  We started with over 20 options and kept weeding it down.  Our system involved a spread sheet with all the links (and comments added by both of us).  Then one at a time, we'd go through and rank the options separately (we'd hide each others' ranks so we could rank freely).  We'd then go through the list together and axe all the lower ranked options.  Most of the time my top picks were Steve's lower picks and vice versa.

At the end of the night, we stopped with a "top 5 list".  Right before heading to bed, Steve found one of our middle picks (remember, my #1 was his #5, so the middle picks were our compromises) on a craigslist ad.  He sent an inquiry email and we headed to bed.  The next morning, we discovered that the Pottery Barn set we could compromise on was for sale in Cincinnati for a great price!  After church, we ate a quick lunch then headed to Cincinnati to pick up our new bedding!

We felt out of place pulling up in Ruby (our old Honda) to a house that we estimated was easily $400,000 - haha! After we made our purchase, we headed to celebrate at our favorite Cincinnati restaurant -- Dewey's Pizza!  After eating, we hit our other favorite Cincinnati spot - Ikea - where we went baby crazy!  We found some bird pictures, decals, a shelf, and a new light for the nursery.  We got great deals on it all and feel like after painting the nursery, we are set with the decor!

(Nursery decor!  The theme is birds -- have I told you how much Steve loves birds?!  The Pottery Barn bedding set we bought came with bumper pad, quilt, crib skirt, 2 crib sheets.  Brand new would have been $350+, we got it for $120 in great condition!  And check out that Bird picture we bought from Ikea.  Matches the set perfectly! We also have other little bird photos that match, but you'll have to wait for the nursery to be done to see everything!)

(Bonus photo: At 22 weeks - in this photo from last week - I'm looking the way I feel - very pregnant!)

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  1. I LOVE your theme, frugality, and, of course, I love you (and bean)! :)