Sunday, October 13, 2013

Still Waiting . . .

The post I definitely did NOT want to write:

(41 Weeks)

Baby is a week overdue!  I've transitioned from feeling like a ticking time bomb to feeling more like an overripe fruit.  I'm teetering between being just perfect and rotten, haha, and you can't tell when that line has been crossed.  

Every day I wake up thinking, is today the day?!  And every night I go to bed thinking, will it happen in the middle of the night?! I've been having contractions pretty steadily for the past 3 weeks, with them really increasing this week in intensity.  I still haven't had any that have taken my breath away, but I definitely see where this is headed.  Emotions and anticipation are running pretty high in the household.  When that is mixed with me being tired (sleeping has become more of a chore than a relief) I pretty much fall apart.  We've been blessed with friends and family who have offered all sorts of distractions, from outtings & phone calls to my parents and sister just showing up for the day.  

We know for sure that Baby Girl is coming this week as my induction date is set for Wednesday.  Last week, I was all stressed and a complete nutcase over the thought of an induction, and now, I'm killing myself that it's not set for tomorrow!  I would definitely prefer her to come on her own timing, but I'm not as fearful of an induction as I once was.  I'm over the stress of the anticipation, the fear of the process, and sick of being downright uncomfortable all the time.  Like I said, sleeping has become almost void.  I get up way too often to potty and it takes me too long to get back comfortable. 

I know once baby is here, there's no going back.  I'm trying to focus on this last bit of time that Steve and I have together, but we're both pretty over the "it could happen at any moment" mentality.  Everything is completely ready for her.  I've run all the errands I can come up with, stocked up on groceries and freezer meals, go to bed every night to a clean house (you know, just in case it's a middle of the night rush out), and have even tackled some old projects I had given up on.  We're just ready to get the show on the road and hold our baby girl (even though we both can't even comprehend what life is going to be like with her, let a lone the fact that she's 100% ours).  

So for now, we continue on our wait for Baby Bean.  I have an appointment tomorrow (not that I think anything will develop since the induction is already set up).  Everyday is one step closer to meeting our babe.  So for now I will just focus on one thing at a time.  What am I going to do tomorrow?!

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