Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mommom & Poppop Visit

This past weekend, Bean was blessed with getting to meet her Mommom & Poppop!  Steve's parents were able to visit Saturday - Monday and soak up as much time with Bean as possible before their return at Thanksgiving!

Usually when Steve's parents visit, we have a list of activities planned and are in constant motion.  This trip was quite the opposite.  It was very low-key and we spent a lot of time just being together and them getting to interact with Bean.  Steve's sister was even able to come up for the day on Sunday (I think she just used her parents' visit as an excuse to come see Bean!).  It was great to have more help around the house and with baby.

(Mommom & Poppop!  Bean was not cooperating with the photo shoot!  We tried to get pictures with her eyes open and the minute the camera was up, she'd start fussing or close her eyes.  Crazy kid!)

(Poppop got Bean her first - and sadly not the last - Ohio State paraphernalia.  I wasn't sure she'd take that pacifier - not because of the obvious Ohio State written on it -- but because it has a different shape than she's used to.  She lasted long enough for the picture. Maybe in a few months she'll grow into it!)

(The Ackerman clan!  We'll have to take another photo at Thanksgiving to get Scott and Ian in the picture.)

(Before Mommom & Poppop left, we were able to take Bean for a stroll around the block in the stroller that they got for us!  The weather was perfect for test driving her sweet set of wheels.)

We look forward to having a houseful yet again for Thanksgiving!  We'll make sure to have a list of activities planned for next visit - like food preparation and leaf raking!  Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, and we can't wait :)!

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