Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ticking Time Bomb

(I was really hoping to not have to take this picture, but Baby Girl had other plans.  Here's hoping to it being the last one!)

Lately, I've started to feel more like a ticking time bomb than a pregnant woman.  The closer and closer I got to my due date, I was all excited about how baby could be born at any moment, just like a bomb going off.  I'm absolutely terrified of the whole labor/delivery process and everyone always says that the closer you get, you just reach this point of being ready to get it over with.  Well I'm way past that point.  I'm so ready to have baby just so I don't have to worry about labor/delivery anymore!

Well here I am 2 days passed my due date (which is really just an estimate based off a date that I honestly guessed to begin with - Haha) and I not only feel like this bomb about to go off.  But it's the kind of bomb that counted down all the way to zero and never went off!  So now I have nothing to go by or hold on to. .. other than the induction date that has been set. . . 

I really really really don't want to be induced.  My doctor had been throwing that term out and even wanted to set up an appointment for yesterday.  I am non-confrontational and never rebutted, just kept telling him, let's wait, let's wait.  Well finally, yesterday we had to have the "induction discussion".  I was so nervous about the appointment just because of this conversation.  I felt he was going to force me into something I didn't want (I'm easily steam rolled).  I talked to several friends, got all sorts of advice, and went in with the support of Steve.  When the doctor came in he asked if I was ready to be induced.  I said no I don't want to be induced -- and that was that!  I didn't have to use any of my prepared speech.  Haha!  He was just under the assumption that I wanted one since I had never spoken against it.  

As a formality, I had to set up an induction date for 10 days past my due date.  It's his policy not to let pregnancies go passed that because you get into some grey area with potential placenta deterioration.  I was fine setting that date, I just didn't want it to be "oh you're a couple days post due - let's get baby out!".  

The rest of the appointment was positive as well!  I've now graduated from a 2 to a "strong" 3 (I'm guessing I'm fully effaced as well since he didn't comment on that) and baby is descending down.  I had the doctor do something called "stripping the membrane" thanks to advice of a close friend.  It sounds way worse than what it actually is.  The process just involves separating the amniotic sac from the cervix which kind of agitates the cervix and kicks it into gear.  With this process, there's a 50/50 chance you'll go into labor in the next few days.  It's not painful (or at least wasn't for me) and a quick process that it's worth a shot to get baby coming! 

I felt sort of crampy and had some stronger contractions after the appointment.  After dinner, I had extremely high hopes that something was happening, but here I am 12 hours later and baby is still inside with no signs of progress.  

So now I'm driving myself crazy with nothing to do, and no "counter" to watch click down.  I'm not sure who's more ready for baby to come - me or my parents.  I think they're going just as crazy as I'll call/text to give heads up on contractions and my guesses of if something is happening.  They are being troopers but I'm not sure who's ready to crack first - me or them.  This on again/ off again contractions is really getting old.  Baby Girl let's get this show on the road!

Steve tried to give her a a pep talk to come yesterday to get him out of work today (busy/long day for him) but she didn't listen.  This better not be a pattern she's beginning with disobeying her parents.  We'll have none of that!

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