Thursday, August 7, 2014

Crazy Girl

Our little Bean is turning into a fun, crazy, and full of energy little girl.  We are enjoying her learning new things and becoming independent in her play and eating (even though it is really messy and I have to clean up the same stuff multiple times a day).  Here are some pictures as to what she's been up to!

(Our neighbor's granddaughter comes over multiple days a week to play with Bean.  When she's over, I typically go to other rooms and clean or catch up on things I've neglected. She's been a really big help!  She also teaches Bean new things, like how to make forts out of pillows and climb stairs - yikes!  That's right, Bean can climb up all the stairs on her own.  We always make sure someone is right behind her in case of spills - but that hasn't been needed.  Typically, Bean is gated off from the stairs, and when she is on the loose, we are always with her!)

(Daddy had to replace a circuit board on our kitchen stove.  Bean is on her way to being an engineer!)

(This girl could happily live on cottage cheese, sweet potatoes, and bananas for every meal.  She gets soo messy - who knew banana is the worst offender for stains!?  Now, she eats every meal naked, and often ends up in the sink for a quick bath. ha!)

(Another new pasttime, play in the shower while mommy gets ready.  This has helped to keep me motivated in keeping the floor and drain of the shower clean. Yeah right ;-)!)

(Don't mind me, just have a rice krispie hanging off my nose.)

(One meal, she ate like this.  The e.n.t.i.r.e time.  And again, she's eating cottage cheese.  Go figure.)

("Hey Mom, do something about that blinding flash!" Sorry, Bean.  I just wanted everyone to see how messy you get!  Even when she is spoon fed fruit sauce, she still gets it everywhere!  I guess that's what I get for feeding a sleepy child who wants to rub her eyes.  Oh well.)

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