Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sweet Sunshine

We are in the middle of a very rainy week around here. We are in some desperate need of sunshine and outdoor play! Last week, we packed in 3 days of playing at the park! I see many more days hanging at the park with friends in our future!

I need to get better at taking pictures.  It's hit or miss on whether they happen, and when they do happen, they aren't well coordinated. Ha.  I'm working on it!

(On Tuesday last week, we sort of spur of the moment met up for a *Sparkle* play date at the park! I call it a sparkle play date because it was with my friend and fellow Jam-lady Kambria and her daughter Nora! Bean and Nora are about 4 months apart and it was cute to see them try to interact.  They pretty much just walked after each other.  A big hit for both girls was the baby swings! And despite how the picture looks, Bean was not about to smack into Nora!)

(We have a park that's about a mile from our house.  It has a few different play areas, but this one is my favorite! IT has lots of slides, things to climb on and a set of swings.  The picture is being take from the swing set.)

(There are two baby swings on the set, and Bean likes to test them both out.  She'll swing in one for awhile then point and ask please to the other one.  What a silly girl!)

(On Wednesday, we met my friend Sara - not to be confused with cupcake Sara, although her and James did join us later - and her daughter Emi!  Emi is 3.5 and made instant friends with all the kids at the playground.  She was a big help to all the kids and even encouraged Bean to slide and play. And remember my "I need to coordinate pictures better" -- Bean is staring at Sara and Emi turned last minute to run up the steps to slide.)

("Don't worry guys, I got this" -- stuff Bean thinks)

(We stayed at the park for almost an hour on each day.  Bean thought it was funny to swing next to Sara & James!)

We also snuck in some play at the park by my parent's house with cousins over Easter, but you'll have to wait for the Easter post for those photos!

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