Saturday, June 26, 2010

Little Things in Life

So yesterday morning I woke up super early thinking someone was knocking. I freaked Steve out by jumping out of bed and running to the window that faces the driveway. Of course no one was there and when I returned to bed Steve *kindly* told me that it was 7:30 in the morning. I couldn't fall back asleep so I read for awhile and then went and watched Law & Order: SVU (my favorite!). While watching tv I thought through the morning events and realized I had had a dream that our washer and dryer was being delivered. The air conditioner must have kicked on at the time the delivery men arrived in my dream. . . hence all the confusion in the morning. Oh well... I will just add this to the list of reasons I will be committed before 30. Luckily I have a gracious husband who laughed about it when he woke up (he is not an early riser and the thought of having to get up early for work in just a few days isn't a happy thought).

Something I've come to realize with our house is that its BIG and Noisy! One little sound in a back room echoes throughout the house and sounds very loud by the time it gets to me. I know it's just a matter of me not used to it yet. Wonder when I will be used to living in such a big house without a bazillion people walking through it all day (my parents' house).

Steve and I decided to venture out into town to see if we could find or create our very own laundry pedestal (the washer/dryer that we got are front loaders and sit really close to the ground). Well, the trip was a bust, resulting in me getting stressed (traffic is ridiculous and roads are not situated well in Jackson. . . ). After a melt down about being in a new area (it was bound to happen!) I realized how blessed we really are, and all was better again. (Again, I have a very gracious husband!).

Our new washer and dryer arrived and I quickly put it to work :). They manufactured by Samsung which makes a lot of cell phones. So they signal chimes on them sing little songs and the buttons are set to look like a video game. Ha ha, they make me laugh each time I run a cycle. Which so far is tallied up to 2. Have I mentioned how much of a house wife I am and how much I enjoy it?! I've made dinner almost every night this week, clean every day, and used the washer and dryer as soon as the delivery men left. I don't do any of this because I have to, but because I get enjoyment out of it. It's the little things in life :).

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