Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Lazy... I wanna be lazy...

Not only does that is that a Bing Crosby song (Holiday Inn) but also the story of my past week. I know it seems like I have disappeared off the face of the earth, but it is not so. Over the hiday weekend, Mom and Pop Willis hosted some friends from NY. They come in each year and stay at our house over Memorial Weekend and go to the race as well. I went with them one year, but that was enough for me!

On Saturday evening, Steve and I went to Cheesecake Factory (using a wedding giftcard, score!) with our good friends Carl and Julie. Hanging with them always means lots of laughter and a good time. Hopefully we can find a good halfway spot from Indiana and Tennessee because I will miss our times together!

Tuesday was supposed to be spent repacking our boxes for the big move. Instead, it was spent with me feeling lowsy and comaining on the couch. Mom couldn't handle much more of my complaining and knocked me out with drugs so I slept most of Tuesday :). I finished off the day (after returning to the real world from the drugs) I got to watch a movie (Memento) with my good friend on hiatus from Israel.

You are probably wondering what Steve has been up to, well pretty much the same as last time -- rotting on the computer. My dad and brother-in-law can sometimes convince him into playing Red Alert (computer game) to pass his time. I think he secretly enjoys playing the game.

Well that's a whole bunch of nothing, but at the time it felt like something!! Sorry this post is boring. I guess it's because our past week has been normal Willis craziness as well as normal Ackerman laziness. We're trying to enjoy this fantasy we are living in at the 'rents house until we move into our own injust a few weeks!

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