Thursday, June 24, 2010

A New House

Well it's official, I have unpacked the last box and we are officially moved into our new house. I can't believe it took only 3 days to unpack everything and find it's correct place. I still have the decorating to do (which my sisters, mom, and nieces are gonna help with next week!! sweet!!).

Our house is located in an upcoming neighborhood just down the road from where Steve works. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room, den, kitchen, laundry room, and 2 car garage. We are renting it for a great deal. I am in love with this house, it's probably the one thing that is helping to make the move easier. If only we could move this house to Kokomo, IN everything would be perfect!

We got our satellite dish hooked up today and our washer/dryer arrive tomorrow. It's starting to feel like a real home for me. I am developing a routine of making dinner and keeping the sink clear of dishes. Oh, and did I mention the fact we have a dishwasher?? It's been my first one in 4 years not counting my parents!

Here are some pictures of our New House:

Here is Steve's Den (or Lair as he calls it). This picture is taken from the kitchen looking through the Den and into the Main Entrance and Hallway to the Bedrooms.

Here is the kitchen (Steve is lurking out of his Lair). Notice the normal-sized appliances. Our previous apartment had "economy" appliance which just translated into being WAY TOO SMALL. I am excited to finally get to use my normal size baking sheets I got from our wedding (almost a year ago -- man time flies!)

Here are pictures of the Living room. There are two entrances to the living room -- one from the kitchen and the other from the main entrance.

There are more rooms in the house, but I will save those pictures for when they are complete. A couple of days ago, Steve and I found a new bed and frame. We decided that we could no longer sleep on a full size bed, so we upgraded to a queen. The new bed is to arrive next week. Until it shows up, we are sleeping on my parents' queen size air mattress (which was the same bed we used at their house for the past six weeks). Our old bed now resides in our Guest Bedroom. Once our washer/dryer arrive tomorrow, I will get the sheets washed and it all set up (so that it's picture ready)!

Now that I am all unpacked, and I have my television hooked up... I am a happy camper :). Tonight will probably involve me camped out in front of the tv playing with my cricut machine and scrapbooking. . . or maybe I should find a job... I'll cricut first :).

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