Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yesterday was Steve's first day of work. While he was gone all day, I went to work on straightening up the house. Grant it we've only been here a week, and most of that time was spent unpacking and putting stuff away, there was still a lot that needed to be done before our firsts guests arrive. I spent the day doing laundry, putting away a few odds and ends, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. A lot of our house is covered in tile, so it requires a little more attention than just a quick vacuuming. Oh well, it gave me something to do in this big house alone.

Today, I am patiently (well, trying to be patient) awaiting 2 arrivals. First off, our new bed frame is to be delivered today. The mattress will arrive tomorrow. Which means tonight is the last night using the air mattress!!! With my family coming in today, tonight will be a little hard to coordinate the bed situations, but tomorrow will be much easier. The second arrival I'm waiting on is my family!!! I have no idea what time they are arriving, and they're ignoring my texts at the moment. I think they're plotting a way to get back at me for the long drive they've had to endure. My sister is driving with my mom as the copilot and stewardess to three little girls in the back (ages 6, 4, and 14 months). They pit-stopped in Kentucky last night to recharge the girls with a pool.

For those of you who religiously read this (my cooperating teacher from student teaching claims to read this three times a day; however, i'm guessing its all a lie and he never reads it. We'll see if he comments on this little statement), Steve caught a mouse in the attic yesterday. We haven't heard any more noises since that one night; however, that doesn't mean there aren't any more hiding up there. He left another trap set and we'll just see how many more critters he can catch.

On Sunday, Steve and I visited a church close to Jackson. It was a different experience than what we are used to. The church was in a warehouse that has been changed into a church which gave a very modern feel. The music was good with a 6 member band, but it had a "southern" feel. The message was really good and really taught Steve and I a lot. It was about making positive relationships with those around you (great message for a couple to a new area!) The average age of most of the people in the room was much higher than our age. This church is quite doable, but we have a few other churches we are going to try out before we settle.


  1. I caught 3 mice in the garage over 2 days. If there's 1, there's probably more.

  2. Way to go Steve! That's the first step to hunting and trapping your own food.

  3. Great Blog. I love hearing of your little Adventures. Glad you found a church you like.