Sunday, June 27, 2010

Unwelcome House Guests :-/

Week one in our new house has almost come to a close. Steve starts his job in less than eight hours, which marks the beginning of me being stuck at home all day. We still only have 1 car and unless I want to drive and pick him up from work each day, I'll be a true "at-home" wife. HA. With all my free time I will do house work (it's amazing how much laundry and dishes two people make. Plus, we have a couple of different kinds of unwelcome house guests that make a mess.

First off, now that we're in the South, we get to deal with pests. Tennessee has a nasty fly problem as well as crickets and a few roaches. So far I think my cricket kill count is up to about 12. A few days ago Steve got some bug shield granules that you put outside and a spray to go inside. We are still living in the delusion that its just due to the doors being opened a lot that first day when we were moving stuff in. The fact that he just killed a cricket in the living room and found a dead butterfly on the kitchen floor does not help this delusion. Oh well... they're only little insects, I am much bigger than them (I have to keep saying that in order to prevent me freaking out. Did I mention how much I HATE bugs????).

Secondly, last night we discovered that we have another unwelcome house guest. . . Only it's still a mystery as of now. While watching TV last night, I heard a gnawing sound coming from the wall behind me. We're guessing its a mouse that must've gotten in the attic somehow and gotten into the wall (fingers crossed its only a mouse). Then last night while sleeping, I woke up at 4:30am to hear the same gnawing sound coming from inside the wall above my pillow. Excellent. All I could hear was it scratching and gnawing. Finally I couldn't take it and made Steve help me move the bed (thank goodness its just an air mattress!!). I got some traps today while in town and Steve set them up in the attic. He will check them tomorrow upon returning from work, upon which I will report back what we find. . .

While all these unwelcome guests are fluttering and scurrying around our house, I am preparing for some VERY welcome house guests. My mom, sister, and her three youngsters (age 6, 4, and 14 months) are road tripping down to visit! Their trip starts tomorrow with a pit stop in Kentucky (hotel with a pool should recharge the kiddos in the middle of an 8 hour car trip, as well as the two adults!) and will end at our house sometime Tuesday afternoon. Even though we've only been here a week, lots of vacuuming, mopping, and putting away tools and boxes needs to be accomplished. Good thing I have something to do while Steve's at work!

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