Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another Job

So, I am officially a Substitute; however, I have not gotten my first call yet. I've only been on the list 2 days, so I don't expect any calls for a couple weeks. I'm going to go around to some of the schools so they can put my face to my name on the list and hopefully get some calls!

Over the weekend, I got a call from the daughter who used to live in the house we rent from. She has a 7 month old baby girl and needed a sitter for Monday. Her grandma was having surgery and she didn't want to take Hadleigh (the baby) along with her. She also asked if I'd be interesting in watching her a couple nights a week while she works. We haven't ironed out a schedule yet.

So yesterday was my first time watching the baby. We had quite the time. She got dropped off at my house around 7:45. she had been up since 6 so our morning started off with a nap. I laid next to her and read while she dozed off. I dozed off a little too :). I kept checking on her and had a hard time telling if she was awake or asleep because she slept with her eyes open! It was so bizarre! At first I thought something was wrong, but I kept my eye on her, and she snored away. After the nap we played some with her toys, fed her another bottle, then lunch, then a nap, then another bottle, played some more, and another nap! Ha ha, man I like her schedule -- play, eat, sleep, play, eat, sleep. In the middle of our day, my friend stopped by to meet Hadleigh and hang out for a little bit. Poor Hadleigh did not enjoy the visit. She got really fussy and kept crying while she looked at my friend. From then on, she got really clingy to me and wouldn't let me put her down. At least she didn't scream with me!

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