Friday, October 15, 2010

Odds & Ends

I have had a bunch of little things happen this week that don't really go together, so bare with me on this post. I'm probably gonna jump from topic to topic (which is how my brain works, so this is a little inside to my thinking). Good luck!

Okay, so earlier this week, I had an idiot moment. I was making a microwave dessert during a commercial. So as soon as the microwave dinged, I quickly reached in to grab the dessert. Well, I hit the edge of the bowl and it flipped back on my hand. The hot fudge on the top landed on my thumb and burned it. I feel like an idiot when people ask what happened to my thumb and I explain that I burned it on a microwaveable dessert. Ridiculous! And then a few days later, I burned my arm on the side of a pan while making Steve a quesadilla. These are teeny-tiny burns that I keep complaining about and it takes me back to a year ago when Steve burned a good portion of his leg. He rarely complained through all the recovery and here I am complaining about a little spot on my thumb. Yet again, I will admit, I am a wimp!

In my latest post, I wrote about my babysitting job. I have officially watched little Hadleigh two times this week. I thought I would include a picture of us hanging out. If you look closely, it looks like Hadleigh was caught in a blink; however, she is actually sleeping! She sleeps with her eyes open and it freaks me out! The first time she napped, I kept thinking, "She's never gonna get to sleep, but at least she's laying still." Well, apparently she was asleep because all the other naps she's taking has me bewildered with her eyes open. Crazy Kid! She's quite entertaining when she's not sleeping. She rolls around on the floor, loves to take all the DVD's off the bottom shelf, gets into Steve's Xbox controllers, and attacks her animals with slobbery kisses. She gets really attached to me and becomes clingy at times. She doesn't like to be in a different room than I am, so I have to tote her around a lot (that's okay, I enjoy it!).

Also this week, I've added a new aspect to my "trying to get in shape" goals. I now count my calories which is really depressing! I have a goal to eat only 1600 calories a day, and when dinner consumes half of those calories, it doesn't leave much food to spread throughout the day. I've only been doing it for a few days, and I am already adjusting to eating less food. However, yesterday was quite the challenge. My good friend Megan from Indiana was going to be in Tennessee for a day (she came for a concert the night before in Nashville and said she'd come to Jackson the next day to hang out). So in my silly head, I thought she'd be in around 4ish, meaning we'd go to dinner and hangout some after. However, her and her boyfriend didn't show up until 8 o'clock! I had to go all that time without eating because I was saving up the rest of the days calories to go eat out :(. Oh well, I survived and that loaded pork baked potato had never tasted so good! Plus I got to spend a few hours with Megan and Joel. They left our house around 10:30 to drive back to Indiana. Boy did that make Steve and I feel like old fogies! Ha ha. We were headed to bed and they were just starting their adventure back home. Crazy Kids!

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