Sunday, October 10, 2010

SHHHhhhhhh! It's a SECRET!!!

So, this is something I've had to be careful who to tell for like the past 3 months. I'm going to Disney World in less than 2 weeks!! The surprise is that my sister is taking her 3 daughters and they have NO IDEA that we're going!! My parents, 2 sisters, brother-in-law, 3 nieces, and I are going (sorry Steve, someone has to make the bucks for us! Okay really, he had the option to go and decided he didn't want to waste vacation days on Disney- ridiculous!)

My three nieces think that they are flying in a plane around Indy for their dad's birthday (well, the older two think that, the youngest is 15 months and has no idea what's about to hit her!). However, they will actually be flying to Florida (where I will be meeting them) and then we're headed to Disney! My oldest niece is 7 yrs old, and she has been told that she can't go back to Disney until she's 9. Sad to say, this will mark her 3rd trip! It is officially, the Disney Zealot gene is, in fact, hereditary! We leave Oct 23 and will return to reality on Nov 1. Since we will be in Disney over Halloween, we will be attending Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and are all dressing up. There of course will be a bazillion blog posts and pictures showing all the costumes and fan we will be having while at Disney. Here is a preview of my costume:
I am going as Tinkerbell. I made my costume by following a pattern (well I made the corset & the skirt, the undershirt & leggings are store bought). I also made the shoes myself. I bought simple white flats and painted them sparkly green. I then added white pom balls on the toes. I will post a picture of me in costume (I also have wings, but my mom has them) at Disney, so you will have to wait in anticipation for the whole ensemble!

Have I mentioned how crazy my family is? Especially how crazy they get about Disney?? My mom has come up with a bunch of t-shirt designs, and we have been making t-shirts to wear in Disney (Yes, we will all match on certain days!). My mom's been pretty busy with life and trying to get ready for Disney, so she sent me shirts to work on. Here was what the front look like:
I had to make 9 of these shirts and I'm only half done with them! I got all the fronts done, and have to complete the backs. I made a stencil for the back (it's just gonna have a phrase written on it) so the backs should go pretty quick.

If you can't tell, the people on the front of the shirt are all of us going to Disney. In order from left to right-- Sara, Dad, Mom, Emily, Gabbie, Allie, Amber, Chris, and Me. Ha ha. They were really fun to paint. My dad and Amber are by far my favorite characters to paint!

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