Thursday, October 21, 2010

Disney Preparations

This week has been consumed with me getting ready for Disney! Those preparations include: "storing up" television by watching a lot of it now, resting- because there'll be none of that at Disney!, shopping, cleaning, cooking meals for Steve while I'm gone and spending time with him. I've also been keeping myself busy with little Hadleigh. I watched her a few days earlier in the week.

My flight is Saturday morning at 7:30 from Memphis. So, tomorrow night, Steve and I are driving to Memphis and staying the night at his friend's apartment. So I have to be packed and ready to go for my adventure by tomorrow evening and I haven't even begun to pack yet :). Steve keeps telling me that I have turned into my mother (who usually stays up the night before a vacation in order to pack). I just keep reminding him that I don't have a whole lot going on during the day!

People keep asking me what I'm most excited about. Well, that's a really hard question to answer! I'm excited to see Disney through the eyes of my young nieces, spend precious time with my family (brother won't be there, but he doesn't really matter--- J/K Joe, you will be missed), and make new Disney memories. I think I tallied up all my trips and this is #15 for me. I know it sounds ridiculous to go back to the same place so many times, but I guess it's the memories I have made and will make that keep drawing me back. This week I did some research on Hidden Mickeys (Mickey mouse designs/paint/pictures that are hidden throughout the parks in attractions). I have found some Mickeys on previous trips and wanted to see if I could find new ones while I'm there, so I've made myself a little list and excited to see how many I can find!

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