Tuesday, October 5, 2010

P&G Family Fun Day

This past Saturday, Steve and I went to Family Fun Day sponsored by P&G Pringles. It was located at the Jackson Family Fun Center. When we arrived, we were greeted by a Police Car that only allowed P&G employees to enter the parking lot.

Once we got out of the car and walked up to the door, we had to sign in and received our all day wrist bands, coins for the arcade, and a free chair (ha ha, I haven't opened it up yet, so maybe it has the Pringles logo? It's one of those outdoor chairs that folds up and is conveniently stored in a bag).
Steve put the chair back in the car and we headed into the center where we started our day with bowling. Steve saw a few people here and there that he worked with, but in the beginning it was just he and I sharing a lane. We had to keep reminding ourselves that our day was free because the place was really lax in a lot of areas. For instance, our bowling lane was ridiculous! There was constantly pins being knocked over upon being set up, and oftentimes my ball would get stuck with the pins and wouldn't return for awhile. While into our second game, one of Steve's buddies came up and invited us to come down and bowl with them. So we finished up our game and joined some fellow P&Gers-- Josh and Aaron, who brought his girlfriend Sam. We had a blast with them the rest of the day!

After bowling, we went to the arcade area where Josh was challenging Aaron and Steve to prove their "Mach0-ness" with a punch-meter. Josh won with Aaron and Steve behind, but close in each others' numbers). After the macho match, we headed to laser tag. I opted not to play (I wore the wrong shoes, and it's not my gig) so I watched everyone's stuff while they duked it out. After laser tag, we ate some grub and then headed to the GoKarts. By far, my favorite part of the day! I was trying to convince Steve to double with me, but I'm glad he held firm in doing singles. I ended up being close to Josh, Aaron, and Sam while racing. Josh and Aaron were being ridiculous in not letting Sam or I pass. Plus, Josh got right in front of me and slammed his brake, which forced me to turn sharply. Luckily, I didn't spin out, but learned to stay away from Josh! Steve was behind all of us do to car issues. His car didn't start in the beginning and had to be restarted so he got to see us duking it out from a couple curves behind. He didn't miss out on any of the action, though. He had a couple of co-workers challenging him (they were technicians in their 50s smack-talking him before hand!).

We walked around a little more, played some more arcade games, and then picked up free product. (That's right, we now have 3 cases of unopened Pringles and about 20 boxes of Pringles Stix!). We had a really great day, and I got to meet some of the people Steve works with. It's nice to put faces to names!


  1. I want to try the "Mach0-ness" tester!
    Nice Pic! Miss you guys!

  2. cases of pringles?? is that like more than one sleeve in a case? Do you want to send some to Ohio maybe?? ;) sounds like a fun day though :)

  3. yeah like brianna was saying....if you have too many pringles we can take some :) and maybe we can work out some sort of product trade ;)

  4. As usual, your blog is so informative and helps us know "what's happening" with the Ackermans. Glad you had the opportunity to meet some of Steve's colleagues. Having that day was a good idea for the company. Hope your weather is more seasonal and the heat has lessened. We are good!

  5. Alice -- you can't complain , you got a care package from us when you stayed the night!!! You can't say you haven't received free pringles from us! Bree -- a case contains like a dozen cans. It's ridiculous. If you came down and stayed with us like the Robinsons did, then you too would receive a free Pringle care package in your room :)