Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hall Storage Closet

We have this awesome storage closet upstairs. I wish it were on the main level, because I can easily store all of my cleaning supplies, brooms, swiffers, and vacuum in it; however, it's better having it upstairs than not having one at all. I feel like it's more than a closet, because of it's size. It could easily be compared to Harry Potter's bedroom located under the stairs on Privet Drive, but I digress. . .

The closet was not in the best condition. We noticed that it has hardwood floors like those throughout the house; however, they are a really dark color. We think the closet contains the original floor stain; thus, we assume the floors have been redone at some point in their life. The closet also appears to have been wallpapered and then painted over. However, there were some stains on the shelves and walls that gave the closet an eerie feel (Although, this could be associated with my fear of closets thanks to my grandma. She always told us Gremlins lived in her closets upstairs, and we were not allowed to go in them. Thanks grandma for those nightmares).

I decided to paint the closet a light grey color. My decision was based on the fact that we had gotten the paint to repaint the kitchen. However, after painting the dining room & living room, I decided I liked the neutral color already in the kitchen & repainting the kitchen is pointless at this point. I only used about 1/3 of the can, so the rest of this color will probably be used in other closets.

The pictures don't really grasp the depth of this closet. From door entry to back wall, there is easily 8 ft. (I'm horrible at estimations, but one could lay in the closet). Again, I'm not a fan that most of my cleaning supplies are upstairs (I do keep a couple things under the kitchen sink). However, I have sort of solved this issue by using a "cleaning caddy" (located on the 2nd shelf from the top). It has a few of my main cleaning supplies that are used in multiple rooms (paper towels, swiffer duster, windex, multi-purpose spray, sponge, magic erasers, etc). That way, when I'm in cleaning mode, I just carry the caddy around with me.

I tried to convince my nieces that they were going to be sleeping in this room. One (the oldest) was excited (she was the one that suggested it be like Harry Potters), but the other two nearly broke down in tears at the thought. I guess they also have nightmares eerie closets, they were just never told about the Gremlins by grandma. I was going to tell them about grandma's house when I got jabbed in the side by my mom. I guess some things will just not be passed to the next generation (who are we kidding, I'll tell them the stories when they're older).

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