Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dayton Children's Museum

Two weekends ago (I know I'm behind on the posts), my sister Amber and her girls -- Emily, Allie, & Gabbie -- came to visit.  They came in Friday evening and stayed through Saturday.  The last time they were here, we just stuck around the house.  The girls played Wii & Amber, Steve, Chris (Amber's husband), and I worked on house projects.  This time, Chris didn't get to come and the girls requested an outing.  They were given different options (like bowling, Chuck E Cheese, movie, etc) and they picked ---- the Dayton Children's Museum!!

The Museum was just over an hour away from our house and had lots of different things to offer.  At first, we went through the outer space exhibit that was way over our nieces' heads, and a little over my head.  We were afraid that the kids wouldn't have much fun, but the next areas redeemed itself.  They had lots of areas set up for dress up/ pretend  (like a courtroom, recycling center, vet clinic, grocery store, etc), water tables, and science experiments.  They also had a small zoo with different animals (porcupine, bats, skunk, otters...) and a "tree house" designated for bird watching.  However, the kids' favorite attraction was the 2 story tube slides.  There were tubes and rope ladders that they got to climb up and then slides to bring them back down.

Even though the museum was small (their "concession" area consisted of 8 tables, some vending machines, and a brought-in caterer (he had a little table with 4 dutch ovens with food in them), it never seemed to get over-crowded.  I was worried about us going on a Saturday, but it ended up working out great!

Allie got a kick out of locking her sister's in jail. 

Allie was quite the little scientist with the microscope.  She was the first one to figure out that microscope projected its images on the screen.  

Emily was an awesome big sister!  She helped Gabbie go up and down the rope ladder and tube slides.  Amber went with the girls the first few times, but passed off the responsibility to Emily.

A rare moment -- loving sisters (they're in that phase where their likes are different and they don't play well together).

They got a kick out of this crazy truck.  You could "change the tires" and pretend to be a mechanic; although they just loved to take turns "driving" it. 




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