Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Steve and I have a lot to be thankful for this year!  From a new house to new friends, and even a couple trips to Europe.  But, we are mostly thankful for a loving God and Christ's pure sacrifice.  God has been good to us!

Things have been a little crazy in our household, hence the long blog hiatus.  I was sick and out of commission for a couple of weeks and have finally bounced back and pulled the house back together (for some reason the status of the house is directly correlated with my status).

My mom even came for a few days to be with me after being down.  I'm extremely blessed with an awesome mother who drops everything to spend time with her kids (and grandkids!).  Thanks mom!  While she was here, she helped me get up all our Christmas decorations -- yeah that's right, our Christmas decorations were up 2 weeks prior to Thanksgiving.  That's how we roll!

Thanksgiving crept up on us quickly!  We had a total of 4 thanksgivings this year -- whew!  My tummy is a pretty happy camper right now.  We celebrated Thanksgiving at a church dinner, friend (Steve's coworkers) dinner, and 2 dinners with my family.  This year, we changed things up and spent our break visiting my family. Usually, we spend the holiday in CO with Steve's family and celebrate with my family on a different weekend.  We spent Thursday at an aunt's thanksgiving (just Steve & I, my parents, & 1 sister) and Saturday my mom hosted a Thanksgiving with the rest of my siblings and family.

We returned from our long weekend listening to Christmas music to a house decked out with Christmas (see now why I decorated so early??)!    We are so ready for Christmas, even though we haven't finalized all our Christmas plans yet.  Now to finalize our Christmas lists, purchase gifts, and enjoy the Christmas season!

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