Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Willis Christmas

Our Christmas vacation started on the Friday before Christmas.  Steve wasn't able to get off early as we hoped.  I wanted to be on the road as soon as possible, so I had everything packed and in the car when he pulled in the driveway.  I fed Bean, loaded her up and off we were!

All of my siblings came over on Saturday for our family Christmas.  My brother-in-law had injured his back the day before and couldn't move around much; and my sister-in-law was 9 months pregnant and not feeling the greatest (She wasn't even sure if they would come. Then when they came, how long they would stay. She ended up having little Oliver on Christmas Eve!).  So we tried to keep things low-key and simple -  haha, yeah right!  We had just snacky sort of foods and just munched all day and enjoyed laughter all day.  We all opened our Christmas gifts, and it was sheer mayhem as usual.  

We had a great time and it went by way too quickly as usual.  I failed at taking pictures, but have a few to share:

(Everyone fought over who needed to hold Bean, especially little Gabbie.  I think she held her the most!  While my sister Amber and mom were talking on the couch, little Gabbie snuck in between them to hold onto Bean's hand.  Too cute!)

(Bean got all dolled up for Ahm to show her off at church.  I had on a green Christmas dress, too, but forgot to get a picture before I changed.  This will just have to suffice!)

(It's very rare for all of us to be able to get together, let alone coordinate a picture together.  This could work as our current family photo, except now we have Oliver!  So many new babies in the family!)

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