Friday, February 28, 2014

Being Crafty

On the night of our Olympics party, a friend thought he had ruined a pair of leather gloves.  I was able to save the gloves with a little glue, needle/thread, and some material.

Our friend was wearing his leather gloves inside a pair of oven mits as he carried in a hot pot.  The heat from the pot ended up going through the oven mit to his gloves and burned a little hole in the finger.

He left the gloves with me and the next morning I headed to the store for some material.  I found some pleather that would match perfectly.  Thanks to a coupon + getting only 1/8yd, I got the material for less than $1. I found some dry cleanable fabric glue, made my purchases and headed home.  

 I individually cut little pieces of the pleather to fit each finger of the gloves.  After I had each one cut to size, I glued them on each finger.  I set the gloves in between some heavy books and let the glue dry all day.  In the evening, I hand stitched some thread around the edges of each new tip to make sure the pleather wouldn't slowly peel off over time.  This was the hardest part as I had to make sure I didn't sew the wrong things together (for instance, I wasn't paying attention at one finger and ended up sewing the tip closed.  Ooops!).

I was able to finish my little project up by bedtime and take them to church the next morning to hand them off to their owner.  I was pretty impressed with myself and hope they hold up!

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