Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Our New Normal

This is our new normal:

Lots of pulling up, standing for long periods of time, and reaching for items on higher surfaces.  All of this means we've entered a new phase of baby toddler! We are now having to pay attention to what we leave on the coffee table, where our power chords are, and what is in her vicinity that could hurt her if she falls from a standing position.  

(We had a rough day of refusing to nap.  I heard her on the monitor, looked at her on the video feed, and discovered her standing in the crib.  Usually, she'll just hold onto the rungs and be on her knees.  Not anymore!)

(Look what I can do mom!  Oh, and I'm not taking a nap, either!)

(She's only "cruised" once by inching towards the wall using the baby gate.  Walking is just around the corner. . . )

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