Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer time!

We LOVE summer.  Maybe it's the warmer weather or the longer days?  All I know, is that in the summer, our schedule somehow gets overloaded and summer flies by.  I can't believe it is already mid July! We've been pretty busy this summer with all our outside work, but we've managed to squeeze in some fun time too!

For Bean's first 4th of July, we headed over to our friends' cookout.  They live close to our local park that has a huge 4th of July event complete with a fireworks show.  We got to visit with lots of friends from church and our small group while feasting on delicious food.  We chose not to head down to the park this year, but instead go great seats on our friends' front lawn to see the fireworks.  We had a great time!  Bean did amazing.  Didn't even flinch at the load fireworks that were shot off next door!  She loved watching all the bright flashes in the sky.  She stayed awake until we got home (which was surprising to me!).  Maybe it was from all the sugar that was fed to her from some friends ;-)

This past weekend, we got to mark another summer first for Bean -- a county fair!  We headed back home to good old Indiana to visit the county fair with my family.  In Ohio, county fairs cost admission per person.  Back home, you only pay for parking.  By hitting that fair instead of our local one, we were able to splurge on the food - corn dogs, elephant ear, and homemade strawberry cheesecake ice cream.  Yum-o!  Bean played her cards right and ended up being hungry at the fair without me having food for her.  So she and I split that delicious elephant ear.  That's right, I fed my 9 month old elephant ear goodness, and she loved it.

While we were at my parents' house for the weekend, my dad put Steve to work on a big project he has been working on. He has been rebuilding the engine/transmission on his van for the past few weeks.  Steve was there along with my brother-in-law at just the right time - putting the engine back in the car.  While the guys were out working, all the girls enjoyed time with Bean!

I had been hoping to get in some pool time while at my parents, but it didn't work out.  That's okay, because just the day before heading to Indiana, Bean and I snuck in some local pool time with my good friend Sara!  Sara has a membership to a pool and we were able to bum off of it.  This was Bean's first pool experience.  At first, Bean thought the water was too cold in the kiddie pool and didn't want to go in.  Eventually she warmed up to the water and didn't want to get out! What a fish :)

(Looking all cute at the 4th of July cookout.  She was sporting a cute blue bird shirt from Sara, but I couldn't get Bean to cooperate and show it off.  It was pretty chilly so we had to keep sweaters on, too!)

(The best view of the bird shirt I could muster up from her.)

(I forgot to throw this photo in with our yard work post.  On our work weekend, Bean called most of the shots and demanded a popsicle to cool her down while she watched mommy & daddy work.  How can I resist that cute face?)

(At the fair, there is this crazy old puppet called Grandpa Cratchet that does a puppet show.  Notice how Steve and Chris - and no nieces - are the only ones sitting and watching the puppets?!  The show was over, but you could pay $$ to get your picture with Grandpa Cratchet.)

(Bean soaking up Ahm & Abo time with Bean!)

(Waiting for the piggy races.  This was a first for us at the fair.  At certain times, they'd race little pigs and apparently give the winning pig an oreo.  I didn't get to see the races.  Too many people crowded around and I couldn't see through them all.)

(Working on the engine.  There were parts all over the garage, haha.  My dad had taken pictures as he took it all apart so that he'd know how to put it all back together.)

(So apparently, my dad took the engine all apart and bought a simple maintenance kit to revamp the engine.  The kit just had new washers, seals, etc.  Chris spent a good amount of time taking off old seals, cleaning parts with kerosene, and putting on the new parts.)

(It's hard to tell but the engine is hanging over the van, waiting to be lowered down into place.)

(Check out all those parts.  I especially loved the fact that there are parts sticking up out of that Dr. Pepper box. Haha.  Steve had a good time getting to work with the guys and learning more about cars.  However, he did not approve of the workplace environment.  He said safety from the plant was too ingrained into his head - my dad even called Steve OSHA.)

(Just hanging out at the pool with mom!  Bean did really well hanging out with us at the pool!  After spending a long time in the water, I made her sit on the pool chair with me.  She got a little stir crazy, but overall did well!)

(Too cute!  Thanks Sara for letting us crash your pool day!)

(We went to the pool around nap time.  I wasn't sure how she'd do, and she of course was a superstar! She did eventually get tired and crashed.  I had the stroller with us, so she just napped in it while we lounged around!)

(Now if only it would warm back up!  We are wearing sweatshirts, pants, and socks and still cold! We hope to get in some more pool time in, but for now, we will enjoy our fall like weather!)

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