Monday, November 17, 2014

Bean Update - 13 months!

1 year old is a very FUN age!  Bean just hit 13 months old yesterday! She seems to have grown a ton this month.  I don't have her actual weight and height, but can tell by how her clothes are fitting and picking her up.

She currently wears size 18 months, but that's quickly becoming too small!  Ahhh! She's ready for the next size - 24 months?! And she's just about ready to graduate to #5 size diapers.  We just ordered a big box of the 4s that she will wear during the day, but will start wearing 5s at night in the next couple week.  No way! How is she this big?

She's not walking yet, but she's getting so close! The other day, we caught her free standing on her own, but then after a moment, sat back down and crawled.  She has a couple push toys that she'll hold onto and walk all the way across the living room, but that's the most interest she has shown in walking.  Sometimes she'll hold our hands and take some steps, but then usually goes limp and throws a fit, haha.  Our goal is to have her walking by Christmas, but I'd love for it to be more like Thanksgiving.

She talks up a storm, but just not much English, haha.  She has the same weird sounds that she makes all the time.  Something like, "goo-da-gooo-da-di-goo-da" said rapidly.  Ha, I can't do it justice in writing, you'll just have to take my word for it.  Her current favorite word is "cahhck-rr" (cracker).  She can say "ma-ma", "da-da", "duuu" (duck), and "baa" (ball), but she often chooses not to say real words.  She does recognize words like "baby" and will rapidly crawl over to her doll.

She is as silly as ever and has found ways to make herself laugh.  She will crawl crazily through all her blocks, sending them all over, and laugh hysterically while doing it.  She likes to straddle the legs of her jumper and play with the toys from that angle; or I'll put her in the jumper and she jumps like crazy.  She loves being chased and being tickled.  I am told each time I pick her up from nursery at church that she is the life of the party and provides constant entertainment.  Pretty sure we're in for it with this one when she gets older!

Her current favorite toys are her school bus, Zebra push toy, baby stroller push toy, mega blocks, books, and carrying around wooden puzzle pieces.  I've had to put away some of her baby toys, and it killed me.  I totally see how mom's decided to have another baby around the 1 year mark, haha.  As hard as it is to pack away the baby clothes and toys, I don't have the itch for another baby.  I'm enjoying just the one on one time with Bean!

She eats like crazy.  She would it crackers (animal crackers) all day long if I would let her.  There is no off/full switch with her (she sadly gets that from me).  Her favorite foods are mac'n'cheese, yogurt, spaghetti, ravioli, cottage cheese, peas, bananas, animal crackers, and raspberries.  She tolerates sloppy joe, rolls, bagels, cheerios, goldfish, and applesauce.  She drinks whole milk all day long.  We've finally had a breakthrough and she'll drink milk from a sippy cup now (just had to find the right one I guess!).  So she gets a bottle in the morning and at night, but does a sippy cup in the afternoon.  Pretty soon, we'll change the morning bottle to a sippy cup, too.

Sleeping is hit or miss.  She has some molars coming in and that really affects her sleeping.  We'll go through a few nights of her crying out and needing us to go in multiple times, and then have a stretch of her sleeping through the night (past couple nights have been the better stretch - wooo!).  For naps, we've dropped the morning nap.  It was harder for me at first, but I can see she was ready.  If I allowed even a 30 min nap in the morning, the afternoon nap was a huge struggle, leaving me very frustrated.  Now that she's only taking 1 nap.  She'll sleep 1hr45min - 2.5hr.  She eats lunch around noon and goes down for her nap around 1.

She still sleeps with a pacifier.  When she was sick a month ago, she couldn't use her paci and I thought that would be its end; however, once she was better, she wanted it back.  We had a rule of paci only in the bed; but she found one in her toy box and has started sucking on it while she plays.  I've noticed she does it more when her teeth hurt.  If she doesn't have it, she whines a lot (or asks for crackers constantly).  Once the teething calms back down, those day pacifiers will disappear!

We love watching her grow up and learn new things.  We are constantly amazed how God has created her and using us to mold her into a young lady.  We are abundantly blessed with our precious Bean!

(Not only does Bean love to push her baby stroller around, but also likes to try to climb on top of it!  Sheesh.  She's really become a climber recently.  She can climb up into her Ikea chair all by herself - so we've moved it out of the room to prevent her falling off of it when we leave for a minute - and has also attempted to climb up on the foot stool.)

(Did I mention she's a climber?  She loves to take all the toys out of her toy drawer and climb into it.  Then she'll happily sit and watch cartoons from that angle.)

(Ha! She got this hippo for her birthday and it makes a great lounging pillow!  She'll lay on it to watch tv, or will cuddle up with it to rest in between her crazy playing.  What a goof! And notice those sweet duck socks - thanks Ashley! They have grippers and are perfect to keep her from sliding on the wood floor when she pushes things around.)

(Did I mention the teething?  Lots of fingers in her mouth, sucking/chewing on pacifiers, lots of whining, chomping on food constantly, and messed up sleep.  If only all the teeth came in at once!)

(Traffic jam!  Sometimes she thinks it is funny to push one of her push toys with the other.  Here she pushed the zebra by holding onto the stroller and running into it.  She got several feet before running into daddy's chair. And also notice the book wedged in the console table! Haha, it prevents her from opening the top drawer - full of wii/xbox games/remotes - and also from sliding the wood panel on the right side.)

("Look at me mom!"  She found this headband in her toybox and put it on

(Playing with cousins!  We got to go visit cousin Charlotte & Oliver at their new house!  Bean loved playing with them!)

(We also had a playdate with friend April!  April's mommy and I go waaaaay back to middle school, became best friends and eventually roommates in college.)

(First fountain!  Bean's hair is getting a little shaggy and long in the front.  I think she may need a hair cut soon, but I'm hoping to grow her hair out long and know there's a period you just have to push through.  I think we've hit that period. I can sneak hair bands and bows onto her head by distracting her with milk while I do it.  But once she figures out it is in, she pulls it out.  The fountain she left in all day.)

(In the words of her Poppop, "A Buckeye binky while riding a modern day Bucky".  Steve had a toy named Bucky he would ride on as a little kid.  Bean loves riding -and pushing- hers around.  It sings songs, teaches animal sounds, and lights up.)

(Look how tall she is! She was staring at our Charlie Brown Christmas clock. It plays Christmas songs each hour.  And YES, I have almost all of my Christmas up- including lights outside- and it's just now the middle of November and Thanksgiving is a 1.5 weeks away.  Don't judge me.)

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