Monday, December 1, 2014

Indiana Trip

Just when I start to get caught up, I fall more behind!  After just a quick glance at our calendar, I recognize the blog is going to be pretty  neglected over the next month. We've got a lot packed in a short amount of time, and I'll try to keep on top of updating, but no promises!

Over a month ago, Bean and I squeezed in a quick (but eventful) trip to Indiana.  Bean's birthday party was on a Saturday, and the next day when we should have been recovering, I randomly decided to pack us up and plan a quick trip to IN! Steve was supposed to have had a trip to China and I had made some plans to visit friends.  When his trip fell through, so did mine :(.  That week after her birthday party, Steve discovered he was going to have a busy work week filled with long hours.  So Bean and I took advantage and skipped town.

We left Monday morning and drove 3 hours just south of Indianapolis to visit with my good friend Bree, her daughter & new son! Bree and I went to the same school (and church) while growing up, but really became good friends in college.  One of our roommates (Julie) was also able to come to Bree's!  While we were there, we caught up on life, snuggled the baby, fed ducks, and laughed a lot.  It was just like old times, only with babies and animals, ha.

(Catching up while the kids play!)

(Ahhhhh, how on earth are these two little people playing together?! Bree is one of my go-to people for baby advice.  It's hard to believe that 8 years ago Bree and I were sharing Mad Mushroom pizza, diet coke, E.L. Fudges/Milanos while watching House in my dorm room.  We've gone from that coolness to being stay-at-home moms.  Can we get any cooler?!)

(Julie conquering her fear of animals - starting with the dog first.  "I do what with the toy?!")

(More chit-chatting while the "babies" shared bottles together - I'm still in denial that I have a toddler and no longer a baby.  Seeing Bree's little one really put that into perspective for me, ha!)

(Bean feeding dried mealworms to a duck!  This was the highlight of her trip - "Duuu!") 

(Conquering animal fear step 2 - feeding the duck)

Around 3, we left to head north towards Carmel, only we had a "hitchhiker" - Julie came along with us!  I dropped her off near her house on the way to visit my former teacher, mentor, friend, and one of Bean's adopted grandmas - Mrs. B! We beat rush hour to get to her house a little bit before 5.  I wasn't planning on staying long.  My plan A was to leave before dinner and just grab something on the way to my parents.  However, Plan B worked out better - Mrs. B had made extra food for dinner and invited us to stay.  We got a longer visit and yummy food! We headed out around 7:30 and got to my parents by 8:30.

("GranBerry" snuggling with Princess Bean!)

(I'm not sure who is teaching who how to use the Ipad.  I do believe both learned new things together!)

Bean was an absolute trooper in the car all day!  It was nice to have the trips broken up, and it just so happened for her to be in the car during "nap times".  She slept a little in the morning (until I started yapping on the phone and woke her up) and was definitely zonked during the trip through Indy in the afternoon.  I thought for sure that she would zonk in the car on the way to my parents; however, it was the opposite.  Bean talked and quickly turned into complaining the rest of the drive.  When we got to my parents, my mom got Bean all ready for bed.  Just as she was about to settle down, Bean got very fussy and then puked all over my mom and the chair.  It was the most puke she has done since she was a baby! After she puked, she was fine and went right to sleep.  I'm guessing she maybe got car sick (as I get really car sick)?  Who knows when it comes to babies.

On Tuesday, my mom, sister, Bean, and I headed to Lafayette to hang out with my sister-in-law, niece and nephew for the afternoon.  It was good to see their new house and let the kids play together! That evening, I got to introduce my good friend April to the Duggar clan.  I didn't purposefully time my trip to correspond to the big wedding debut, so that was an added bonus!

(Bean & Cousin Oliver playing with a baby doll! Ha!)

(Charlotte probably singing and dancing for our entertainment.)

(Cousin snuggles while watching Daniel Tiger!)

I had to be back to Lima for choir practice on Wednesday, meaning Wednesady morning we had to pack up and head back east.  (I told you it was a quick & full trip!).  We got home in time for me to make dinner and get us all ready for church - whew!  What a trip!

(Need to calm Bean down or entertain her? Ahm can just whip out her Ipad with Frozen in no time! The child is addicted to that movie now!)

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