Tuesday, December 16, 2014


It's the middle of December and I just realized I am so far behind on my blog that I never posted about thanksgiving.  Sheesh.  I'll try to catch the blog up before our inevitable Christmas hiatus.

This year, we changed things up and headed to my family for Thanksgiving.  Typically, we spend the actual Thanksgiving break with Steve's family and then just go to Indiana the weekend before or after; however, this year it all happened a little different.  We headed into Indiana on Tuesday night and enjoyed 4 whole days with my family.  We spent the actual Thanksgiving day at my aunt's house.  It was so good to get to catch up with my cousin Hannah!

(Happy Thanksgiving from our little Turkey.  She scored this sweet little outfit for $4 the day before Thanksgiving! We got it big enough that just maybe she can wear it again next year.  Wishful thinking right??)

We had our own family Thanksgiving on Saturday.  This year, we had it at my parents' house.  We had spent part of the previous day cleaning up the basement so that the little girls could play down there.  The guys set up their computer game land in the office, leaving the rest of us to watch the babies play in the living room.  After we ate our feast at lunch, my sisters and I randomly decided to go see the Hunger Games movie.  So we rushed to make it to the movie while Ahm and all the little kids played together. 

(My parents have acquired a dog and she gets very jealous whenever Bean is around.  Luckily, Bean and Coco get along great, other than that whole jealousy thing from the dog.)

(And quite simply because I took zero photos at Thanksgiving, I'm going to spam you with my Turkey Jams! While at my aunt's house, I may have gone a little Jamberry crazy and showed them off to my aunt and cousins. I also did little "Jamicures" on all my nieces over the weekend as well)

(Who would've thought that last year when I made Bean's Turkey onesie - last photo on this post - that I was starting a tradition?  On a whim, I quickly made her a Turkey onesie for this Thanksgiving the day we left for Indiana.  I hope to try to keep this tradition up in some form!)

We headed back to Ohio on Sunday once we were awake and got everything packed up.  We had really good friends who were moving from OH back home to FL and we wanted to make sure we got back to see them and help them load up the moving truck (even though we secretly wanted to sabotage and keep them here).  We will sure miss Candace and Jonathan!  They both constantly loved on Bean and were great friends to us.

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