Thursday, May 12, 2016

College Friends Reunion 2016

A couple of weekends ago, we met up with our college friends in South Bend, IN (the best central location for all) and stayed at a 'historic house' we found on airbnb! One couple had to cancel last minute, but we were able to video chat with them one night so we could all share what's been going on since we all last met (almost 3 years ago - yikes!).  

We all had a lot of fun, and Bean still asks to go play with her friends "at that house in the basement".  I think the take away from the weekend is that the kids had a lot of fun playing together and the parents had a lot of fun hanging out; but next time, maybe we should ship the kids off somewhere else - haha! 

While we were together, we ate a lot of food - we all chipped in and brought different snacks and were responsible for a different meal.  Donuts, cookies, and chips were constantly on tap.  We laughed a lot, played some board games (did I mention that kids make adult hang out hard?!), talked a lot, and the dads even provided the moms with a kid free outing!  Us ladies hit up a local chocolate shop, got to have some uninterrupted conversations, and feasted on muffins/cookies and gourmet chocolate coffees/drinks -- yum! 

The house had 5 actual bedrooms, but then another room with 3 more beds! We could've added in at least 2 more families - easily! (For the record, there were 3 families - 6 adults & 8 kids)  The house had 3 levels - 4 bedrooms & 2 baths upstairs where we all slept; a main floor with living room, sitting room, kitchen and bathroom; and a basement with another bedroom, big open room, and another bathroom.  The kids loved to run around and play in the basement or with toys that we brought in the living room while the parents hung out.  The kids did well playing unsupervised (there was enough tattlers to come up and tell us when something was happening that shouldn't).  At first, we were afraid to let Bean run around with the big kids on her own, but she eventually was allowed and did very well. 

(Kids running around in part of the basement.)

(More basement shenanigans.)

(Jared reading the kiddos a Children's theology book before bed.  All the kids (except babies and Bean) slept in this room together.  Bean was sad we made her leave the kid room to sleep in our room, but with her potty training, and not sleeping long in a bed on her own, we weren't sure how it would go with her in there.  The first night, she ended up having troubles all night and screwed around in bed with me for 4 hours in the middle of the night, but did much better the next night.)

(We tried to strap the Go Pro onto Libby's head and supervise basement shenanigans that way.  But the camera only lasted a couple minutes on her head before she was over it.)

(Meal times were always like feeding the animals at the zoo.  A lot of survival of the fittest mentality for the weekend!)

(We stayed up late one night playing games after the kids went to bed.  Notice Jared laughing uncontrollably while the others are not amused??  That's because Jared was intoxicating the room with a potent smell.)

(Mitch was trying to wave the air back tot the offender.)

(We tried to take a group photo as we were leaving the house.  It took entirely too long and lots of coordination and attments, and in the end -- this is the only picture of all of us!)

(Where are the Ackermans?!)

(Oh there they are.)

(After we checked out of the house, we headed to the local mall and ate lunch together at the food court before we all bid our farewells.)

Now the question is, when's the next reunion?!

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