Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Touch of Home

Well my family has come and gone and it was a very nice week! My mom, sister, and nieces kept me busy while Steve was away at work. We did so many things while they were here. We went to Walmart and got all sorts of goodies, did crafts, made t-shirts, played on a slip-n-slide, and had a "Tennessee fireworks party".

I wasn't sure when they would arrive. My mom led me to believe that they wouldn't arrive till later in the afternoon. Much to my surprise I got a knock on my door from some little girls around noon.

We went out to lunch one day and brought our own entertainment with the little ones and a camera.

We did tons of crafts with the little girls like these crowns and also t-shirts. This is how Gabbie usually looked (fussy) unless she was with her Ahm (my mom). I think there are some attachment issues there :)

Allie on the Slip-N-Slide. She loved it (as if you can't tell!)

Emily being quite the ham on the Slip-N-Slide. She kept trying new ways to go down.

Gabbie was quite the observer. She enjoyed watching her big sisters on the Slip-N-Slide but she did not want to do it herself.

Here is our "TN Firework Party". Apparently its illegal to buy real fireworks in Jackson, so all you can buy in Jackson is is the confetti poppers. Let's just say. . . our backyard is VERY Pretty!

On Thursday night, at around 11pm, my dad, brother-in-law, and sister surprised us by showing up on my doorstep. My dad had brought me my table that I bought awhile ago but wouldn't fit in the car on the trip down. We had to be creative on the sleeping arrangements, but i think everyone got a "soft" place to sleep. Thank you family for a touch of home in Tennessee! (BTW, Steve has come out of his shock coma from the surprise pop-in).

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