Friday, May 28, 2010

Preparations & Celebrations

These past few days have been spent helping mom in whatever she needs. We have company coming this weekend and our house is a mess (as usual!). I have been trying to help in the cleaning, but its hard to get motivated when there's more important stuff to be done. Like spend time with my sister and her kids or hang out with grandpa.

Yesterday (May 27) was a big day. It was my late Grandma's birthday. She passed away April 5th and would have been celebrating her 78th birthday. I think this is her best birthday since she got to spend it with her Angels and Savior. However, for all of us she left on earth, it was a tough day. My sisters, nieces, brother-in-law, Steve, and I took Grandpa out to lunch. After lunch, we went to her grave and put flowers and a birthday balloon on her vase. My nieces each had a balloon that they wrote messages to Grandma on. We then said "Happy Birthday Monkey" (we called Grandma & Grandpa the Monkeys because of a joke between my mom and Grandpa when she was little) and the girls released their balloons to go up to Grandma. After our little celebration, I took Grandpa home and stayed with him throughout the afternoon. While he napped, I dusted his house (it was the first time I was able to clean the house without grandma shoving money down my shirt).

The evening closed with my parents and aunt taking Grandpa out to dinner. I invited myself and went along for the ride. After dinner, I returned to mom and dad's house to try and clean up some more. I stayed up pretty late and should be working on it now, but I don't feel the greatest. So I am lounging on the couch watching tv while I can get away with it. Mom had to take dad to the doctor today. He recently had a mole removed which came back as a melanoma (cancer). He has to have another procedure done today to remove more tissue and make sure the cancer had spread further than the mole.

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