Monday, June 18, 2012

Indiana Visit

My trip to Chicago allowed me to tag on a visit with my family back home.  While I was in Indiana, I got to have a movie night with my good friend April (where I introduced her to a childhood favorite -- Encino Man), visit my youngest niece (my brother's daughter) who had just gotten home from the hospital after battling asthma-like symptoms, as well as spend a whole day with my other three nieces.  They chose to play on the playground (my parents backyard ends at a school playground), play with their American Girl dolls, as well as watch Hairspray (of course Gabbie's love for the movie has warn off on her older sisters, too).  

(Wile visiting Charlotte, I got to watch her do her nebulizer treatment.  She sat very patiently waiting for the treatment to be over.  I think it helped that she got to watch a cartoon as well as hold "daddoo" -- the caterpillar in her hand -- while the nebulizer was running.)

(Gabbie and Emily playing on the slide)

(Allie riding the dinosaur.  Each girl called the dino by a different name, but I have forgotten the names.)

(Very rarely can you catch all three of them playing well together.  This was one of those rare moments.)

(Watching hairspray and eating dinner.  Notice each of them have "ballerina hair".  The two older girls had a dress rehearsal for their dance recital later that night.  Gabbie of course just had to match her sisters.)

(Some day, this child is going to be on America's Next Top Model.  Allie just absolutely loves posing for pictures.  She comes up with all her own poses.  My sister Amber will even take her to the store just to try on clothes and model them in front of the dressing room mirror.)

(Another pose.)

(Emily won't volunteer right away for a picture like Allie will, but after some coaxing she will do her own poses.)

(I can't believe how big they look!)

(Gabbie got left behind at my mom's house until her dad could come pick her up -- since the Amber had to take the other girls to the dress rehearsal.  While waiting, she colored on my phone while watching High School Musical 2!)

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