Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Making Friends

Even though we are six months into living in Lima, we haven't made many friends.  Up until last week, I would have said that we don't have any here at all.  I have been blessed with a wonderful neighbor who makes sure I don't stay inside alone too long.  She and I try to go to breakfast either every week or every other (dependent on our travel).  She has been in Lima her whole life (except for 4 years at Purdue) and has taught me a lot about the place Steve and I now call home.

Our chruch search is still ongoing.  We've tried some new ones and have also revisited some of the same ones but still haven't found "the one".  Until we can find a church and get involved, I don't foresee us getting close local friends.  I guess we really got lucky with the wonderful Lundays in Tennessee.

Steve hasn't had much luck in finding Christian friends at work; however, he has started to become friends with some coworkers that are around our age.  We first just went to a party at a guys' house that has developed into a corn hole tournament, volleyball, and a trivia night (all were work sponsored events, but I was allowed to tag along).  After visiting the different events, I have gotten a better idea of his coworkers and am looking forward to more events with them.  Luckily, the volleyball and trivia night (at BW3's) are weekly events that we plan on visiting again.

I know that this doesn't fit with the making friends theme, but I'll go ahead and add about getting to visit my best friend from grade school.  She had her first bridal shower the Saturday before father's day.  It just happened to work out perfectly that I got to attend the shower in Kokomo and be there to support her (which I will be her Matron of Honor in September).  Here are a few pictures from the shower:

(Even though I was not a part in giving the shower, I ended up helping giving the gifts to Meg to open up and taking them away when she was done.)

(We've been best friends since 2nd Grade!  Our teachers hated us because we would talk and laugh in classes, so they always assigned us seats apart.  We would stay at each other's house all the time and would join clubs in school together just to hang out more.  We went to separate colleges, but still remained close through phone calls, visiting each other, and going to concerts.  In high school, we were voted as "Most Likely to Remain Best Friends" and I know we will!)

(The future Mr. & Mrs. Joel Levi!!)

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