Monday, March 25, 2013

Explanation of a Project

I realize my blog posts have been few and far between.  Today I went through a bunch of pictures on my phone and hopefully will have some more updates coming soon! For now, I'll start with the status of the last project I've been working on.

Back in December, remember all of my wallpaper removal?  Well that room is almost complete!  After all of the help we got from Steve's family, Steve and I were left the task of sanding some of the baseboards, and priming the walls.  About a month ago, we did just that!

(Steve did all the rolling, while I painted the the edges with the paint brush.  I didn't tape any of the trim off because we'll repaint all the trim later on.)

(So for now, the room is going sit as is with white barren walls.)

(It's amazing how much this room has changed and how bigger it looks now that it's all uniform with its white walls.  I'm excited to finally see the finished project, but for now it's finished for awhile.)

When I first started this project, I knew what this room would potentially be used for, but I didn't know the time frame of when it would be used.  But now I know!  Steve and I are thrilled to announce that our new Nursery will be used sometime around October 6th!  This has been a crazy hard secret to keep, but we're finally comfortable sharing that we're expecting a little one this fall!  Once we know whether baby is a boy or a girl, we'll make the decision on what color to paint the nursery.  

And for all of those doing the math and realizing I helped prime when I was pregnant, have no fear.  I did research on getting the best paint and also wore a heavy duty respirator.  I plan on doing some more painting in the next few months and will take the same precautions, so I don't want to hear it :-P.  

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