Friday, July 5, 2013

Cruise - St. Thomas

Our second port stop was in St. Thomas.  We chose to just do a little shopping in the strip mall right off the boat.  There were more stores downtown, but most of them are the same (or you can get the same items) and it's not worth the cab fare.

(That morning at breakfast, dad brought his dance cheat sheet and was going through the dance with Steve.  He made his cheat sheet by watching the video my mom took during the practice.  Throughout the week, we'd all randomly break out into the dance and go through it together- haha!)

(Shopping in St. Thomas!)

After a few hours of shopping, we headed back onto the boat.  We were hungry so we headed up to the Lido deck  for lunch.  The food area was completely empty!  Which finally allowed Steve to get his pizza.  He hadn't done it yet due to the insanely long lines.  I even think he ended up with a couple pizzas that afternoon.

(I had to capture this historical no pizza line for Steve.  Unfortunately, I never took a picture of the long pizza line for you to fully grasp how momentous this occasion was.)

(No pizza is complete without an ice cream cone?? )

After eating, Dad and Steve took advantage of the empty ship to go try out the water slides. While they were off playing, mom and I took advantage of the empty pool!  Other then one little boy deciding to work on his belly flops in the same pool, we pretty much had it to ourselves.

(After trying the water slides, the guys joined us on loungers.  They went down each slide once but decided they were rough on your back and not worth a second trip.  I sat in the sun a little bit, then got back in the pool to cool down. I never thought about this before, but tanning while pregnant is hard!  Not because you get hot easily, the water kept me cool.  The problem is I couldn't lay on my stomach to tan my back!  So the front of me is a nice gold color while the back is white.  Oh well.)

After our relaxing afternoon of nothing, we headed to another entertaining meal with our waiters.  Then after dinner we changed things up and went and saw a comedy show before heading to the main show that evening.  (I think we did both of these in one night.  My brain isn't running at full capacity recently, I think it's still on island time - haha).

(Nightly dinner picture!)

(Funny story, mom and I rarely knew what each other were going to wear to dinner.  We meant to get a picture of our outfits that evening, but forgot.  I was in brown tights, tan tunic dress, and a brown sweater.  Mom wore brown pants, long patterned blouse, and a brown sweater.  We both just laughed when we realized our outfits were nearly the same!)

(During the entertainment portion of dinner -- every night our waiters did some performance along with the entire dining room staff -- our waiter Arthur disappeared and came back dressed up.  He called himself "Sir Arthur".  Our waiter Fernando showing his mad dance skills with Sir Arthur dancing backup.  I do think this was before he greased up the pole next to our table to dance with.)

(I'm not really sure why he was crouching and holding Steve's hand as we were walking out after dinner, other than the fact that Steve is so tall.  Have I mentioned how cooky our waiters were?!)

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