Sunday, August 18, 2013

Baby Invasion

As if feeling Bean constantly squirming inside me wasn't enough of a reminder, there are signs all over our house reminding us of her soon arrival!  Since her nursery is located upstairs, there are a lot of baby items that are finding their homes in various locations on our main level.  Some of course will find new homes (like stroller and car seat) while others are finding permanent spots downstairs to keep life simpler for me :).

We are pretty excited about her stroller (Thanks Doug & Trisha!).  It's very versatile and easily collapses for traveling purposes.  It can be used in 3 basic ways, but then each way the seat is used it can be tilted, leg piece extended and the canopy moves around.  Pretty exciting stuff!

(Front facing seat.  Again, the leg portion can bend down or extend out more, and the canopy is down in this photo.  I especial like it's ease of use -- even though it is a little bigger than I expected.)

(The seat easily flips around to Rear Facing.  You can still lay the seat back -- it is fully laid back in this picture -- or tilt it so that the kid sits perfectly upright. )

(And lastly -- her car seat carrier can attach directly to the stroller.  We will most likely use it like this for when we're travelling and have both the car seat and stroller with us.)

(So this little beauty caused me a lot of stress.  We knew the brand and style we wanted thanks to consumer reports and reviews, but there were too many color options!  I literally would go back and forth between 4 different colors daily.  Even in the end, choosing the green one was a big deal.  And now that it's here, I kind of regret not choosing the red one -- which would have matched the stroller.  But, one of my favorite colors is green, so that was the ultimate deciding factor.  Steve just thinks I'm crazy over all the color drama -ha!)

(Pack'N'Play -- Thanks Diana & Mam!  In my current plan, this will get lots of use downstairs.  I thought it will be a nice area to quickly change her diaper, or lay her down for a little nap in the afternoon without having to walk upstairs.  I also have high hopes of her learning to sleep in different areas and with different noise levels to adapt to our crazy lifestyle on the go.  We'll see if my plan works soon enough!)

(Another item I'm pretty stoked about -- Thanks Mom & Dad! When buying baby items, the key is to find things with dual function and this piece is awesome!  The seat detaches from the swing base and can be used as a simple bouncer seat.  The seat even has a vibrating option which is pretty nice!  My plan is for her to be able to rock in it when we're in the living room, or to detach the bouncer and use it when I'm cooking in the kitchen.  Exciting stuff, I know!)

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