Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kitchen Remodel

Okay, okay, we are NOT remodeling our kitchen. . . yet.  We figured a baby coming into our home in about 6 weeks is enough change and craziness for the fall.  But we are starting to think about some little (and a few) big changes that will update the look in the kitchen.  Thanks to our favorite place -- Menards recently did a FREE cabinet hardware rebate.  We took advantage of the deal and decided to redo the hardware in the kitchen.  It has already made a difference!


(The current hardware really wasn't in bad condition.  We just felt like it was a little too modern for the overall style of the entire house.)

(Close up o f the hardware.  They were just sleek silver knobs.  Nothing too fancy, just a little too simple for us.)


(New knobs!  What a difference tiny knobs make.)

(Close up of the new knobs -- they are black with a little bit of a "rubbed" silver detail on them.  It just fancies the cabinets up enough to add a classier style into the kitchen.)

(I really like how the black on the knobs contrasts with the white of the appliances.)

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