Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nursery Update

I started working on transforming an extra room into a nursery back in December.  I can finally say I think we're on the homestretch!  In case you aren't up-to-date on the nursery drama, here's the run-down.  What was supposed to be a simple paint-the-room-white in preparation for a baby turned into 3 layers of wallpaper removal, patching a bazillion holes around the room thanks to help, the entire room being primed, and finally putting color on the wall!

We chose to go with a neutral color (yellow) on the wall, even though we waited to pick paint colors until after we knew we were having a girl.  We waited so that we could pick a bedding set/theme and match the color to go with the bedding.  As soon as we found out we were having a girl, we both agreed right away that the theme was going to be birds, but we differed greatly on the bedding decor that we wanted to go with.  After much debate, hours spent rating options on a spreadsheet, and an amazing Craigslist find, we got an excellent deal on a Pottery Barn set that we both agreed on.

We're still working with the layout of furniture (plus, we still need to get a glider/ottoman).  Once we are settled with how the furniture is going to be set-up, we'll then hang up all the different bird artwork that we have collected for Bean.  I also have a special little mural planned, but again, can't put it up until we know the placement of all the furniture.

Here are some pictures of how the room stands as of now:

(The window is behind me looking towards the hallway.  If we keep the furniture in this format, the glider/ottoman will be right where I'm standing.  I may switch the crib & changing table.  Not sure yet.  Decisions. . . Decisions. . . )

(View from the doorway into the nursery.  I found an amazing bird fabric that matched the birds from the mobile perfectly.  I debated on making a valance from the fabric for a window (which is why there's fabric draped up there), but I think we decided the birds on the fabric was too busy and I'll go find something more plain.  I'll probably make a pillow or something like that with the bird fabric-- oh and did I mention I got just under a yard of the fabric for less than $3?!)

(My amazing husband took down the boring white ceiling fan and put up this beautiful chandelier & ceiling medallion.  I had seen some chandeliers in nurseries on pinterest and thought it was a neat idea, but Steve suggested it to me before I could show him some options!  Baby girl is already being spoiled like a princess by her daddy and she isn't even here yet!)

(Pottery Barn decor & our lovely crib.  We got an amazing deal on both things -- bedding from Craigslist & crib from BabysRUs.)

(Close-up of the bird mobile, birds on the crib sheet & decorative quilt.  I'll share a little trick I discovered online about how to set up a crib mattress.  I have a waterproof mattress cover over the mattress with a crib sheet on top of it.  Then I put on ANOTHER waterproof mattress cover with a crib sheet on top of that.  I did this so that when Bean pees the bed in the middle of the night, I just take off the top two layers and she's ready to go back in her crib!)
I'm so excited to finally have all the tools and clutter cleared out of her room.  Finally, I can start sorting through all the baby gifts that are cluttering our dining room and put them where they belong in her room!  While I finished up working on setting the crib up and redoing the changing table, Steve re-did the closet.  Posts about those other projects to come soon!


  1. i Love the chandelier! where did you find that?
    bird bedding is adorable!

  2. The chandelier is an Ikea special! Ha ha :-). The medallion was purchased off of amazon. We have some more bird artwork to put up which was also purchased from Ikea.