Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Our friend reunion brought us to Indiana for labor day weekend.  Steve had to be back at work for Monday and I had a doctor's appointment I had to get back for on Tuesday.  So we left Sunday night to make it back to Ohio.  I had to turn around the next weekend to travel back to Indiana for my last visit before baby is born for a close friend's baby shower!

I was unsure about driving by myself and my amazing family pulled through to come pick me up and bring me back (on the way back, we were able to meet Steve a little over half way which helped out!).  Thanks family for watching over this pregnant lady!  Traveling any distance at 36 weeks preggo isn't fun, but you guys made it manageable (also note: this trip was ok'd by my doctor).

I got into IN by Friday afternoon.  After surprising nieces by picking them up at school, we loaded up and headed to the shower site to get it all set up (did I mention I was helping with hosting the shower?!  That's why it was so important to be there; and especially to support my dear friend and her sweet babe Savannah).  After a long evening spent setting up and decorating for the shower, I headed home with my mom and crashed for the night.

The next day was spent with food prep, gift wrapping, finishing touches decorating, and finally, the baby shower!  She had a great turn out and got lots of great things to prepare for Savannah.  We had help with the tear down from the shower and made it home earlier than planned.

(Lori unwrapping gifts!  Nieces stayed close by to take inventory of all the cute baby items!)

(Sister Sara and I tag-teamed recording Lori's gifts & displaying all the baby items.)

(All the preggos in the family in order of due dates!  Me in early October, Lori in early December, and Liz in early January!)

Sister and nieces came over to mom's for dinner and to hang out for a little bit.  Nieces decided to go swimming while the adults stayed out of the pool and talked.  We didn't see it happen, but heard a commotion and screaming and crying.  We ran to find that Gabbie had fallen off the pool deck.  Fearing broken bones and possible concussion, she only came away with a busted nose.  Praise God for His amazing protection on this little girl (and that life jackets protect both in the pool and out).  If she were a cat, she'd be down 5 lives by now.

Gabbie's commotion pretty much put an end to a long day and a busy weekend.  We gave our hugs and goodbyes (this will be the last time girls see me with Babycakes on the inside).  The next morning marked my return home.  I did pretty well holding my emotions in (after all, this was my last trip home without a baby) until I got in the car with Steve.  He, too, shared he realized this was the last time we'd make the drive with just the two of us.  For the rest of the pregnancy, I'll be staying close to home!  Things are getting pretty serious in the Ackerman household!

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