Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Garage Makeover

Almost a year ago, we started our garage makeover project.  Steve has worked on and off over the spring and summer in the garage, but it mostly sat unfinished.  After researching more about the makeover, Steve decided to ax the insulation and just use drywall to finish the garage.  Before the drywall could go up, there was some electrical work he wanted to get done, like installing/moving a couple outlets and fixing other areas that needed addressed.  He knew what needed done and how to do it, but needed some help and advice before pulling the trigger.  So that's why the garage stayed unfinished until about a month ago!

My parents came up for the weekend so that my mom could go to my baby shower and my dad could help Steve.  He even got some bonus help from my brother-in-law as well!  The three of them were able to get the electrical issues fixed and drywall up on 2/3rds of the garage.  Everyone had to leave Saturday night, leaving just a little more work to be done.

On Sunday, Steve was able to take measurements and cut the rest of the drywall pieces, but he needed help with the actual installing of the drywall (someone to hold it up and someone to screw it in).  I offered my help for the lower pieces, but knew I couldn't help with anything above my head.  Steve ended up not taking me up on my offer but instead called his friend Jonathan to come help.  Jonathan quickly became a dry wall expert and the two of them knocked out the rest of the install.

In one weekend our garage went from brick and wood frame to drywall!  Steve still needs to putty up the seams and paint, but we're just thrilled with all the help we got and how much better the garage looks!  Once it's painted, Steve will install a hanging tool storage system and we'll call the project done!  For now, he's focus has changed to some of the exterior of the garage and house.  He has been caulking up areas around doors and the garage as well as painting trim to match the paint job on the peaks of the house.

(Working on some of the last electrical work before the drywall could go up on this wall.)

(One wall of the garage was completed by mid afternoon thanks to Dad & Chris's help!)

(Action shot of the work area.  Thanks Dad for bringing your drywalling tools and work table! By the time all the family left, the wall on the left was done, that piece on the back wall was on, and there was a couple more pieces on the wall on the right.  Leaving the rest of the back and right wall for Jonathan and Steve to finish up)

(All done!  Well, all the dry wall is up.  Now to patch up the seams, paint, and hang the new storage rack.  For now, we're leaving the ceiling as it is.  Maybe next year that'll be tackled, but for now we're enjoying watching the items being checked off the "to-do" list!)

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