Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sew Crazy

I had a list of sewing projects I've wanted to get done for some time now.  I waited until I was further along in the pregnancy to accomplish that list (so that I could get more physically demanding things done sooner).  I spent a whole week with my sewing machines camped out in the living room (thanks Steve for your patience!).

This sewing go around, I was able to complete a curtain for Bean's room, a couple of changing pad covers, a boppy cover, and put binding on a couple of baby blankets.  I had dreams of making leg warmers for baby as well, and I attempted a couple.  I'm not sure how they're going to turn out so I decided to put the rest of that project on hold until I know more of her size!

(This by far is my favorite accomplishment!  My sister gave me her old Boppy and it had a simple green removable cover with colored circles on it.  I was able to girl it up by making a removable cover that matches fabric used in her nursery!  I didn't follow a pattern, just outlined the original cover - giving seam allowance as well - and it came out perfect!)

(This fabric is also used on Bean's curtain that hangs in the nursery.  I came across this fabric at Joann's and was blown away at how it closely matched the birds on her mobile and it is in the same color scheme as her Pottery Barn bedding!)

(I came up with the pattern for this valence all by myself!  Steve wasn't sold on using the pink bird fabric in her nursery and just wanted a simple green curtain.  He trusted my sewing skills and vision and I had free range.  I absolutely love how it turned out (and Steve says it looks nice)!)

(Bean's quilt!  I have been making baby blankets in this style for the past year of so and have given several away.  I was excited to finally be able to make one for my own little girl!  Her name will be put on the backside, but you'll have to wait to see it until after she's born - and after I put it on of course!)

(Close up of the little birdie squares.  I hope all of this forcing of birds on this poor child doesn't make her scared of birds - haha!)

(Another one of my proud accomplishments.  I made 2 covers for the contoured changing pad.  Again without using a pattern.  I just sort of traced the ends and made 2 pieces from that template, then cut a big rectangle for the center & long sides.  Sewed up the edges, put a hem on the bottom, and threaded elastic through it.  Ta da - a fitted cover!)

Not counting the baby blanket (which probably is about $15 in material), I got the 2 changing pad covers, Boppy cover, and the curtain accomplished for under $15!  Considering 1 changing pad cover (for the contoured pad) is around $15 and is a plush material (cotton cleans better!), I'm pretty proud of my savings.

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