Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Wedding, Airplane, and Another Bee Sting

Last weekend, we headed back to visit my family in Indiana to go to a cousin's wedding.  Steve was able to take Friday off (he has a big China trip coming up and wanted to fit in some more time with us) so we headed out Thursday night.  Bean was supposed to take a good afternoon nap, and then we'd head out with her hopefully awake and playing in the car.  However, she had different plans and ended up not napping at all on Thursday.  Then she crashed in the car.  We let her sleep until a dinner stop halfway.  After that, she played, and sort of whined until we got to my parents.  We let her stay up a little later.  She had a decent night, but did get up once.  Oh child.

Friday just consisted of hanging out around my parents all morning.  After Bean's morning nap, she, my mom, and I went and picked up lunch to take to my sister Amber.  She officially has a new job working at their church, so we hung out with her there for a little bit.  We got back home for naptime.  That evening, Gabbie came to stay the night at Ahm's and got in lots of time with Bean.  This was probably Bean's best day in awhile! Two great naps, and then she ended up sleeping through the night! Score.

(Bean loved being pushed around on this little car by Gabbie.  These two had a ball playing - and bathing -  together!)

Saturday, was a different story.  Bean refused to take her morning nap.  Typical. I had let her sleep in a little (8am!) and that seemed to be just enough to throw her off.  The rest of the nieces came over for lunch.  Once we were done eating, we loaded up and headed to a local airport (like 5 minutes from my parents) to see my dad.  Everywhere, there's a big fundraiser at the airport and a lot of planes fly in and out.  It's an uncontrolled airport, but they like to have someone directing the flight traffic on big days like this one.  So my dad always volunteers and loves it (he has a private pilot's license).  My mother had gone earlier to bring him some stuff and had warned us that there would be bees present; however, her warning ended with a "they're sweet bees and won't bother you".  Suuuuure.

While holding Bean and talking to my dad, all of a sudden I got a sharp pain in my arm. I realized that I was being stung!  I freaked out and couldn't communicate what was going on to Steve.  He finally took Bean after my "TAKE HER!" finally sunk in.  I had to pull the bee and stinger out.  Ugh.  Right away, there was a welt and mark from the bee and my arm was stinging.  Later on , a good portion of my upper arm swelled up and hurt the rest of the weekend.

(Just hanging out with Abo while he tells pilots when to take off and land)

("Don't worry Abo, I got this under control")

I haven't been stung since I was really little, and now I have 2 stings in a month!  The first one was a month ago and happened while running!  I wasn't sure what had happened other than something hit me in the head and I had immediate sharp pain.  Luckily, I was close to my house and just bolted inside sobbing and grabbing my head.  The next day, my neck really hurt, I had a large lump and couldn't turn my head.  Even though I had definitely been stung in the head, I ended up with an infection in a lymph node in my neck! Seriously?!  Now after the bee at the airport experience, I am definitely sure I was stung by a bee while running and now while standing still.  Since both were pretty large local reactions, I went to the doctor this week about it.  She confirmed my suspicion that I may be becoming allergic to bees.  They can't say I'm actually allergic until I have an anaphylactic response.  Uhm, no thank you.  They gave me an epi-pen perscription anyways.  With winter around the corner, I think I'll hold off and evaluate next spring.  For now, I just carry Benadryl around with me.

So back to the weekend - Amber and the girls stayed longer so that the girls could jump in the bounce house.  Steve and I had to take Bean back to the house so she could nap.  Since she didn't take a morning nap, I hoped she'd take a good afternoon nap - wrong-o.  She slept only about an hour.  Good thing there were lots of other people to help entertain her.  We got ready and headed to the wedding.  It was an outside wedding, which made it nice for Bean! She got to play around in the grass with cousins until it was actually time.  The ceremony was quick, and we got to enjoy some BBQ and crazy dancing from one of the nieces.  A storm was rolling in and we didn't want to be caught in a big tent when it hit. So we called it early, stopped for some ice cream as a family (because why not?), and then finished up the evening with my parents.  Mom got the joy of putting a stubborn Bean to bed that night.  Took almost a full hour.  When the girl doesn't want to sleep, she REALLY doesn't want to sleep.  She woke up a couple times that night - big thank you to Steve for taking night time duty :)!

We headed back to Ohio Sunday morning.  We timed it so that Bean would take her morning nap in the car.  She slept a good chunk, and then woke up.  I had to bribe her with some snacks the rest of the way, but at least I didn't have to climb into the back.  My arm drove me crazy all Sunday, and really affected my sleeping.  I had to sleep with an ice pack all weekend.  I finally got wise and took some Tylenol.  That helped, too.  By Monday morning, the swelling was gone (but the redness/warm touch still there).  That's why I went ahead and got in with the doctor.  Just to double check it was healing on its own.  Now I can add a new nemesis to my list after deer -- bees.

(My lovely bee sting.  I got stung about midway on my inner upper arm.  The area the size of my hand swelled up around it, was very warm to the touch, and painful.  Ice packs got me through!)

*Side note, on Wednesday, I did a good deed and picked up lunch to take to Steve's work for his group.  While loading up the car with the food, a bee flew into the car! I had to swat it with a tissue box to try to get it out, but then it landed near Bean in her seat.  So I freaked out, had to open multiple doors, and finally got it out.  Seriously - 3 bee experiences in a month?!  Had I gotten stung a third time, I would've bought a lottery ticket.

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  1. Man! Those dang bees! I'm sure Jacoby would agree they are worse this year! My niece and nephew each got stung for the first time ever recently too. :S