Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Visit from MomMom & PopPop

Over labor day weekend, we had a full house of visitors!  Steve's family came for the weekend -- MomMom, PopPop, Scott, Ashley, and their dog Tyson, too!  We had a great weekend with his family, but time went by way too fast. While they were here we inaugurated our new fire pit, went to Findlay for a walking tour, and soaked up lots of Bean time! 

Steve's parents arrived first on Saturday around noon, with Scott, Ashley, and Tyson not too far behind.  After eating lunch and having a rendezvous about food and activities for the weekend, I stayed home with Bean & Tyson while everyone else went shopping.  Bean didn't cooperate like I had planned and had just fallen asleep when everyone came back.  She continued to sleep, but it definitely wasn't a good nap.  With the excitement of all the people, Bean pulled through and had a good afternoon.  

That evening, it took me a little bit to get her to sleep.  But once she was, I was able to join the others out at our new fire pit for some s'mores & campfire pie (pretty much hot bread with peanut butter, chocolate, and marshmallows).  After making sure the fire was out, I called it a night.  I had just fallen asleep, when I heard Bean crying around midnight.  I went in and rocked her.  She wasn't settling, so I assumed her teeth were bothering her and gave her medicine.  She fell back to sleep, so I went back to bed.  An hour later, she woke again, only this time Steve went to tend to her.  We did this pretty much every hour.  I wasn't sure what was wrong with her, but she wouldn't sleep.  Around 3am, I lost it and took her out driving around Lima.  She settled right away in the car, but woke up when I parked the car in the driveway.  I took her back upstairs and rocked her a little bit again.  She settled back down and slept til about 5am.  Finally at 6:30, we called it quits and was up for the day.  Ugh.

(Pass the marshmallows!  We don't own any fire pokers yet, so we resorted to old school sticks in the yard to roast our mallows.)

(Note the placement of the fire extinguisher.  Can't be too careful!)

(Steve's campfire pie.  He bought some crazy pie maker for $3.  You put in a couple slices of bread and then stuff it with various items like peanut butter, chocolate chips, and mallows for a rocky road pie.  I think I'll just stick to my s'mores!)

Bean seemed fine once she was up.  I had to be at church early for choir, and left her in daddy's care.  He tried to put her down for a nap while I was gone, but she refused.  We all got ready and headed for church (she of course fell asleep in the car on the way there).  After church, we decided to go home, change, then reload the cars and head up to Findlay for the afternoon.  Bean was able to sleep the 45 min on the way there.  She did pretty well through lunch (thanks to family being willing to walk around and entertain her!).  After bonus tops at a couple stores, we headed towards the start of a walking tour.  Scott & PopPop tag-teamed the stroller.  We got about half way through the walk when it was deemed dull and hot.  (okay, maybe those words weren't used, but it was almost unanimous that the tour had gone on long enough).  We split up to get back to the cars and reconvened at a local ice cream shop - yum!

(Starting our walking tour!  Had to wait for Bean to finish up a bottle before we could get started.  I think she ended up falling asleep in the stroller, too.  Which was a good thing after all her late night shenanigans.)

(MomMom is so silly!)

(Take two!  Bean especially loves her rubber ducky. Ha)

That night, we grilled out an Ackerman favorite - Santa Fe chicken!  Since we had a later dinner, I bathed Bean and put her to bed before we ate.  While rocking her, I discovered why she had been having such a bad weekend - she had a fever of 101! All her symptoms - crankiness/clinginess around sleeping, refusing to nap, crying all night, fever - all pointed towards her teeth.  She hadn't had that high of a fever with just teething, and thought maybe her molar was coming in.  At least I knew there was a reason for the rough night! We followed up dinner with a "travelogue" from Doug & Trisha on their recent European and hiking adventures.  I was pretty tired and called it a night.

I was a little more compassionate Sunday night with Bean.  She woke up about every other hour and just wanted to be held.  I made sure to stay on top of the medicine and checked her fever often.  It stayed around 100/101 with Tylenol & Advil in her system around the clock!  Eeeks!  The first time she woke, I just rocked her and put her back in her bed.  The next time she woke up, I brought her into our room, walked around a little, then put her down in the pack'n'play.  She stirred a few times while sleeping in there, and I was able to just turn on her singing glow worm and she would settle down.  The next time she woke up crying, she ended up laying in bed with us, where we all slept until she awoke for the day around 7.  Her fever was gone in the morning, although it came back later in the day.

On Monday morning, Scott was going to go run (he's training for a marathon and has quotas to fill, ha), then come back and get Ashley and Bean for his last few miles.  I like to get up and run first thing and had planned on just running on Tuesday.  But since everyone else was running, I was going to take advantage of having someone else Bean so I could run without the stroller.  So my plan was to just go out on my own while they were running.  Scott had other desires, haha, and rallied us all to go running together - and by all of us I mean him, Ashley, Me, Bean & Tyson!  He claims we ran a little over 2 miles, but after I logged my run, we definitely did 3!

(Definitely a pre-run photo.  Tyson was shunning the camera for some reason. Thanks Scott for taking charge of the stroller!  He quickly learned that they are a pain to run with because you can't pump your arms!  Things we do for kids.)

We came back from our run to some yummy french toast on homemade bread. Scott and Ashley left in the afternoon.  Trisha spent the afternoon trying to figure out how to take her Christmas gift back to CO!  While she was here, we gave her an early present -- a Cricut machine!  We have had one of their suitcases and knew they were wanting it back, so we took advantage of the empty suitcase to give her the gift now.  I have a Cricut and am quite surprised Trisha didn't have one.  It's a fancy electronic paper cutting machine that can be used for decorations or scrapbooking.  She finally figured out how to pack it in her carry on.  We headed out to dinner with Doug and Trisha before the hit the road (they stayed in Dayton to be close to the airport for their 6am flight!).  The both got in some last cuddles and play with Bean at the restaurant. 

("Don't eat my feet MomMom!!")

(Deciding which to eat with PopPop - cheerio, or puff?)

When we got home, I got Bean ready for bed and discovered a weird rash on her body (the fever was gone).  The next day I ended up calling the doctor to ask about the fever and rash.  They guessed that she had Roseola Virus (baby measles) and now that the fever was gone, there wasn't anything to do or worry about.  Since it was a virus, we just had to let it run its course (which is what I assumed, but just needed confirmation).  Not sure how Bean got the virus, or why it had to correspond with a grandparent visit, but it did.  Even with a sick baby, we had a great weekend and look forward to the next visit!

(Poor sickie survived the weekend.  It's hard to tell, but her torso is covered in red bumps.  A friend suggested her symptoms sounded like Roseola, so I googled it and agreed with her.  The rash wasn't itchy and didn't bother Bean at all.  It was completely gone by the end of the week.)

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