Thursday, July 8, 2010

Around the House

I have been on a yard kick here recently. Our grass (or lack there of) is horrible. Our lawn is filled mostly with weeds. Steve likes it because it doesn't need mowed much. The front of our house had a few bushes; however, there were gaps where plants were missing and the weeds were terrible! I have been weeding around the bushes, trimmed the bushes, and planted a couple of hibiscus plants in the front.

I have also been working on the details inside the house as well. Steve's sister got him a Bed Bath & Beyond Gift card for graduation. We have been using it to buy little decorations to go around our house. Thanks Ash for the gift card!! Along with the decorations comes lots of pictures. My mom is quite the picture taker, which is one of the many things I have inherited from her. One thing I have learned about pictures since being married is that its hard to take pictures with both of you in them! So sorry that a lot of pictures I post are of just Steve (I need to convince him to take the pictures so I can be in some!).

I thought decorating our two room apartment was hard to decorate! When you don't have a lot of stuff and a lot of room, your walls seem to be way bigger! I have managed to fill some of the walls. One HUGE blessing is having a fabulous artist as my sister! I am pretty sure I have one of her pieces in almost every room of our house. Once I get her new print framed over the fireplace, I'll be sure to add the picture!

In the top picture to the right, the geometric shelves were a purchase from Bed Bath & Beyond. The clock was a wedding gift and the picture is one of our engagement pictures with the rose Steve proposed with in the frame. (Have I mentioned I'm the sentimental type??)

The next picture shows two oil paintings that my sister did. Surprisingly, they matched that shower curtain almost perfectly!

If you remember from a previous blog, I explained how my dad, brother-in-law, and sister drove 8 hours to surprise me with my kitchen table. Here is the table that was worth that 8 hour drive in a van with no air conditioning! Oh, and the picture in the background is another print from my sister. Have I mentioned how great of an artist she is??

There are many more decorations around the house, but didn't want to bore you all with my house pictures. Now that everything has found its place within our home, my days are filled with me reading, blogging, doing chores, and watching lots of television! Pretty boring life I lead, but I guess its not that boring if you're still reading my blog :). Gotta go do some more television watching and couch lounging before making dinner.

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