Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

We spent our July 4th like every other day. We tried out a new church in the morning (it was a little too big for our taste, so we're gonna keep searching around), went out for a BBQ lunch, and then came home. Steve played games on his computer while I got into playing Guitar Hero. We saw a few fireworks out our window (shot off from the next neighborhood) but did not do any ourself (found out its illegal to buy fireworks in Jackson!). Oh well. . .

On Monday, Steve had the day off so we headed to Shiloh National Military Park. The trip started off with a little video about the battle at Shiloh. We did a driving tour around the park and got out of the car at certain spots. We walked along Sunken Road (for you non-history buffs, the Union soldiers used the natural "trench" to shoot at Confederates in the open field) and saw more monuments then I care to see. HA! Seems like everywhere you looked in that park there was a monument marking a general's headquarters, an infantry's camp, or a burial monument.

We were a little disappointed with the trip. I think we had a higher expectation of what would be there. I'm not sure exactly what we expected, but we expected more than monuments with a little plaque next to it. I was excited to get to see the site of the first Civil War field hospital, but it was quite the let down. When we got there, there were freshly planted trees in a fenced area with a plaque containing a diagram of the field hospital. I thought maybe there would be a replica tent to walk through or something -- nope. The trip was still humbling in just thinking about all our country has gone through to gain and maintain its freedom. It was weird to think that I was walking on the ground that is marked as the bloodiest battle field in the Civil War.

Before embarking on the driving tour, we ate a picnic lunch. Here is Steve having waaaay too much enjoyment out of his tuna kit (kinda like a lunchable, but with tuna -- disgusting!)

Here we are standing in Sunken Road. Behind us is the field that the Confederate soldiers stood aground while trying to shoot at the Union soldiers in the "trench" (more like a tree line).

Here is the famous Peach Orchard whose petals looked like snow through all the bullets. Here was another trip letdown. As you can see, these are all freshly planted trees surrounded by fence. It looked nothing like the Peach Orchard history paints in my mind.

Here is Bloody Pond. It got its name from all the wounded soldiers who came to the pond to bathe their wounds as well as drink. All the blood from the soldiers and horses stained the pond red. It still has a red tint (although, I'm guessing it has to do with the Tennessee clay that you find everywhere).

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