Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good thing I don't have a job. . .

. . . .because I'm sick! I woke up Sunday morning feeling pretty weak and had a deep dry cough. By the evening, I had a low-grade fever. All day Monday was spent on the couch. My only real symptom is this ridiculous cough. It feels like I have an elephant sitting on my chest (try coughing while feeling like an elephant is on your chest! It's hard work!). Luckily, this morning the elephant decided to move on so now I just have a hacking cough. I've been drinking plenty of fluids, getting tons of rest (I slept 13 hours last night!), and have an awesome husband who is taking care of me when he's not at work.

There's really never a great time to be sick; however, it's good that I'm sick now while I can afford it. Steve and I took Emergen-C cocktails this morning (ha ha, it's just this vitamin mix you put in water that helps boost your immune system). Hopefully, Steve won't get this (even though he's dying to play hooky from work!). Usually, I get sick and he stays immune. He likes to brag that his immune system is invincible. I'm not sold on that idea, but am glad he doesn't get sick easily!

This cough pretty much came out of nowhere! On Saturday, I went to the farmer's market in the morning with Katie (she went to the same church back at Purdue, but we never met, and she lives here now). I bought a watermelon (which turned out to be delicious) and peaches (which i made a cobbler with). Saturday afternoon was spent cleaning and planting a little herb garden tray while Steve planted strawberry plants for his Topsy Turvy. In the evening, we cooked out hot dogs and hamburgers. Apparently we bought bad hamburgers because they kept falling apart in the grill and caused big flames -- oops! Our friends (that we ate lunch with earlier in the week) came over and spent the evening with us. We ate, talked, laughed a lot, and taught them how to play bang. God has blessed us with Steve's job, a great house, and now wonderful friends! God is good :).


  1. For hamburgers, you either need to put an egg in them (with some breadcrumbs) to hold them together, or only flip them once (you should only flip beef on a grill one time anyway).

    You know, for future reference.

  2. I know how to make hamburgers. But these were store bought. The fell apart without being touched. Steve put them on the grill, and let one side cook, and they caved in and fell apart. It was bad hamburgers (Steve picked out cheap ones).