Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Getaway

I woke up to this message on the floor of the living room on Saturday morning. The theme for our first year anniversary gifts was "paper". So Steve came up with an original paper idea writing me a message in Post-It notes. He gets points for meeting the paper requirement as well as points for the post-it notes, just because I love post-its! I moved the message from the floor of the living room to a wall in the bedroom. Now this is the message I will wake up to every day (well at least until the notes stop sticking).

My gift to him was "Memory Calendar". I went through a bunch of pictures from our relationship and scrapbooked them according to the month the picture was taken. I also wrote little notes on the calendar and made sure to mark important date form our relationship. (I had more time on my hands to make this gift!)

After we exchanged gifts and got ready, we headed to Memphis for the rest of the weekend. Once we got to downtown Memphis, we parked in a parking garage and headed to find the famous BBQ restuarant "Rendezvous". It has been featured on Travel Channel's Man vs. Food with Adam Richmond (Steve is a big fan of his and was excited to eat in a restaurant featured on the show). The place is known for its dry rub ribs. Steve got a full rack, while I got some pulled pork. The dinner was a nice unique Memphis meal (a little pricey for what it was, but it's all about the experience, right?).

After dinner, we walked around Beale Street (known for its street performers and night life). We walked it down to the Mississippi River and back to downtown. It was quite hot while we were there so we didn't stick around to see the night life. We got to see some live bands and get a feel for the street. We headed back to our hotel (which more points for Steve-- the hotel was from the same hotel chain we spent on our wedding night).

On Sunday, we headed to Wolfchase (Memphis's Mall). It was a really nice mall with a bunch of stores and entertainment (like carousel and train for little kiddos). After walking around the mall a little bit, we went into the theater and saw Inception. While waiting for the movie to start, I realized that this was only the 2nd time Steve and I have gone to a movie theater alone. However, this time, I got popcorn and a drink so it was more like our first real movie theater date.

After the movie, we ate an early dinner (Steve chose Steak Escape in the mall. I had never eaten there and he raved about it). We then headed back home to return to reality. While on the drive, traffic got really backed up. Steve pulled out his YP (Young Professional) phone and found out there was an accident awhile ahead. 45 minutes later, we finally got to the scene of the accident. A semi was off the side of the road with its back end on the road (wheels gone), and its trailer was split in half (lengthwise). There was a bobcat filling several dump trucks with all the boxes that had poured out of the semi. We finally got home and went back to the usual Sunday evening at the Ackerman house (Steve playing computer games while I watched tv).


  1. Sounds like a fun time in memphis. Were the ribs as good as they were reccomended?

  2. The ribs were definitely unique. They are known for their dry rub. Our conclusion was that they weren't worth the amount of money. They were good... but we probably wouldn't go there for them again.