Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Revenge of the Lawn Mower

Steve was supposed to mow the yard before he came to IN, but TN had been under a heat advisory and Steve was not about to go against the Weatherman's advice! Yesterday, it was a beautiful overcast day with a cool breeze-- perfect mowing weather! So while Steve was at work, I went to get the mower ready.

I filled the gas tank, primed the mower, pulled the chord -- and it started... then shut off. I could get the mower to start, but not stay started. After reading the manual several times, calling my parents (several times), and trying to rig up a paper clip/rubber band (in case the throttle was in the wrong position), as well as losing an hour and a half of my life, I determined that the mower was broken. The more I primed, the longer the mower would last, but it would always shut itself off after 10 seconds.

This morning (after discussing the situation with Steve in detail after he got home from work at midnight) he headed out to the garage. He checked the oil (which I had already done), pulled the chord a few times, primed it 2x, and pulled the chord again. And what would you know? The mower works fine. How I hate machines! Steve is now convinced (as if he really needed any help) that I'm nuts.

Despite the heat advisory we're still under (for the next 3 days!), I went ahead and mowed the lawn (or weeds in our case). It was definitely obvious it had been way too long since it was last mowed! I spent an hour in weather that is way too hot to be mowing in (this again secures the "I'm nuts" persona I'm developing). And yes mom, I drank lots of water (even though you don't read this)!

All in all, a very productive day! I went grocery shopping this morning (apparently Wednesday morning is the best time to shop because Walmart was empty!), worked out, and mowed in the afternoon. I think this secures my lazy day tomorrow (although, it really isn't lazy-- I have house cleaning and laundry to do!).

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