Sunday, August 1, 2010

Things that Husbands don't understand and probably never will. . .

So.... my weekend project consisted of making curtains to go in the living room and in our bedroom. The sun comes in our window way too early in the bedroom and curtains are needed to get some extra sleep! Steve doesn't really understand the curtains. He thinks its just "fru-fru" that women put up. There is a purpose behind the curtains (well at least in the bedroom, I'll admit the living room curtains are just "fru-fur" but they look so nice!).

Because we're on a budget, I only bought one curtain panel per window. I then cut the panel in half, hemmed the edges and paid 2 panels per window! I thought about just buying fabric and making curtains myself, but I fell in love with these colors, and it would have cost close to the same. In the picture on the top, you can see the print on top of the fireplace that is awaiting being framed. The frame never arrived with my Target purchases, so I did some research on and found out my package was damaged and is under an investigation! UPS is supposed to contact me, but that hasn't happened yet. I'll give them another week before I contact them ;).

Today, Steve and I attended a church for the second time in a row. Meaning, we liked the service last week, and decided to go again. Last week, we loved the worship but thought the message was more like telling a Bible story. This week, a different guy preached and his message was very applicable and very refreshing. Plus, the pastor who spoke this week had an unidentifiable accent which made you focus all the more. It was kind of like a South meets British accent with a little Aussie thrown in. He used words like "plumage" (instead of feathers) and "loggerheads" (instead of strange/dumb). It was pretty intriguing. I think this is a definite potential church for us here in Jackson! Praise the Lord :).

This will be my last blog from Jackson for a couple weeks. Tomorrow, I will be driving up to Indiana all by myself. That will leave Steve here for the work week all alone. Since he's working 2nd shift still, it works out quite nicely. We will reunite at our friend's wedding this Saturday. We're still not sure how/when Steve will drive up, but we will figure it out and keep you posted!

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  1. Hopefully you reunite after the wedding in private. But, whatevs.